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After Ghoulia, Gigi Grant :

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What think ? I love Gigi and I'm glad to see she appears with a fringe (I don't see here on this doll, the orange ponytail).
Her face looks different, finer and almond eyes. Goldlip ... why not? I think her big glasses and the down of her dress are blah. My first reaction was "What's that ?" then I think now she can be very cool.
I have to see Gigi out of the box to make me a "real" opinion.
After Ghoulia and Gigi, the last to discover will be Catty Noir.

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I'm not a fan of the overly large glasses in this line (Frankie is adorable without them in the pictures I've seen, I really want to pick her up sometime) but other than that I think she's cute. I like her hairstyle and even though her dress is a little simple, I like the 'doodles' on it.

Hmm, I don't know how I feel about her.  I hate the overly large, clunky glasses on both her and Ghoulia, but the second wave does look infinitely better than the first, which I actually have never seen in person.

I quite liked wave 1, but everything about this doll is horrible to me.

Wow she's super cute I love her outfit I will look forward to getting her, I like her tie, where can I find the picture of Ghoulia? also I am looking forward to seeing Catty but I wish somehow Jackson was in the line as he dose wear Glasses like Ghoulia unless we get a wave 3 I don't know if it will go that far but it would be cool.

1Dlover, you can see "Geek Shriek" Ghoulia on the forum

Link :

I don't think there will be Jackson nor a Wave 3 "Geek Shriek". This line can be related to the arrival of the geekette Kjersti Trollson.

there's only two things I like here. Her gold lips, and the print of that dress (notebook print is cute)

But overall this whole line just leaves me cold. And the plastic tie looks stupid, frankie's fashion pack had one and I still think it looks like a fish dangling around their neck. Fabric ties aren't exactly difficult or expensive and would have looked sooo much better than that chunky thing. being pink doesn't much help either.

She's horrible.....

Wher is the middle east style she always use? stars? lamps? smoke?

Maybe that's it. She looks more like a knock off character to me

she has a scorpion on her dress I believe. though that seems to be about it.

I Love this Gigi!! The glasses in this line is kinda ridiculous....I really dont care for hers glasses specifically ..BUT I think her outfit is really cute.

Well, with the glasses being this big, at least I can see the eyes better, right?

(The first wave was a pain with the glasses covering the faces.. o_o)

I think she's cute, not overly digging her necktie accessory but still very cute, same with Ghoulia that I'd seen earlier, I thought she was rather nice. I do like budget lines a bit more than I should, haha!

I'm feeling very curious about Catty and cannot wait to see another sneak peek of sorts!


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