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Has anyone seen these bad boys around lately? 

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Yes ours have been out of stock since just before Christmas.

Ashkai said:
You're lucky! Where are you?
No 3 packs here (central Ohio) unless they pulled out some stock very recently.

Truly Outrageous said:

Check the toy clearance aisle up and down.  Even at the smaller, less busy Walmarts.  There were four DOTD 3 packs sitting at a store here for $17.40 apiece.

I think both are done and over with.

 I think that Skull Shores replaced Gloom Beach as the swimsuit line and 1600 replaced DOTD as the party line.

DOTD has been on clearance since after christmas and it seems like GB was always on sale for cheap before christmas.

I'm also looking for DOTD Draculaura...she's the only DOTD doll I need :(

On my daughter's  DOTD 3-pack it says "Exclusive Draculaura doll" so she may only be in the 3-pack.


Yes, Draculaura was only released in the 3pack.

Kerensa said:

On my daughter's  DOTD 3-pack it says "Exclusive Draculaura doll" so she may only be in the 3-pack.


Im in AZ, and I can't find these girla anywhere. Guess, gonna have to start searching clearance aisles.

I'd rather them stay in box. About how much is this going to cost?

FrankieFan said:

Yes, but I could take them out to make shipping costs less.

Leona said:

That sounds good. Are they in-box?

FrankieFan said:

In another thread this was mentioned and I was saying that we got a DOTD 3 pack that had a discontinued sticker on it.  I don't think it's coming back.  If you are looking for one I have an extra I would sell at the store cost plus tax.  I'm not sure about the GB pack from Target.

I;ve never seen the 5 pack. The DOTD pack used to be plentiful in stores but after the holidays the aisle was deserted. Even in Febuary the aisle is a ghost town. The only new dolls they have are SS and a few S1600 dolls.

There is one at my Target too at full price. I price check it every time I go just in case it magically changes price back down again!

Escape Velocity said:

Target had restocked some GB 5-packs this morning, but they were back at their original price of $49.99 :( I was so excited thinking it'd be $34.99 like online. Alas, I could not afford it.


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