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Garret Sander Leaves Mattel ; Now Working For Moose Toys

From his Instagram.

Moose Toys Are The Creators Of Shopkins.

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Wonder what he'll come up with next

Wow! I can't say that I am surprised. Let's see what will happen...

Ooo exciting maybe something edgy is around the corner at last.

Well done Moose! I look forward to seeing what they do together. Moose are a comparatively small company (more like spinmaster) and one who's shown they're quite willing to take risks. Also they seem to have a sort of 80s and 90s aesthetic as SO MANY of their products feel like refreshes of toys I personally had as a child (Shoppies are a little cherry merry muffin and a little strawberry shortcake, zelfs were trolls, twozies were like lil' babies or oodles and so on) which appeals to me.

Mattel are fools letting Sanders go, he was a massive asset but looks like he figured it was the right time to jump. I can't say I blame him, Mattel are making terrible decisions lately and really diving in terms of creativity, passion and quality.

I'm super eager to see what this collaboration will create, moose have never been ones to shy away from bright colours and fun and their quality has always been pretty good. Also their EU customer service people are really nice (I've dealt with them a few times purchasing zelfs)

So overall i think this is great news! I'm excited. GO MOOSE!


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