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I'd like to use one of my Ghoulia's as a base for Alice, from American McGee's Alice, along with some other characters, but I'm not sure how to go about getting them from monster-tones to flesh-tones. I was looking at spray paint firstly. Most flesh toned spray paints don't come in the plastic-safe versions, though, so I assume I'd have to use a primer first, then seal it with a matte top coat so it's not so shiny, but that's assuming the primer works?

Anyway. If you guys know of anything better to do that spray paint, that'd be awesome.

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I've only used acrylic paints when doing full body repaints.  You need to sand down the body with fine grain sand paper, and make sure you get to the joints since they have an anti-mold seal on them that needs sanding.  Then, you can paint with acrylics using thin layers of paint.  I water my paints down considerably, apply a thin coat, wait an hour for it to dry, and then apply another thin coat.  It can be a long process, but with some patience you can do some nice work.  However, when it comes to the joints, know that they can be hard to cover with just acrylics.  The paint will scratch off when you move them, so I recommends either finding clothing that can cover those joints, or plain on making a strict, non-moving, display doll.

When using acrylics, your doll's skin will have an odd texture, but I have found that if you spray it will enough sealant it will smooth out and the paint is pretty durable.

Now, when it comes to spray paints, I don't have much experience.  However, I do know that you need to use vinyl spray paint for the head.  You can find them in the automotive section.  I have also heard that Golden spray paints work well for both head and body.  Once again, I have never used spray paint, but I figured I'd give you something to start with.

"Montana Gold" spraypaints work fine on vinyl.  They are acrylic spraypaints.  Always test before using on a final project.

I've done a few full body repaints on my customs and turning them to flesh tone its probably better to spray the paint on I used thinned out acrylics on the ones I've made but I have also used a make up foam sponge and brother very thin layers at a time to a doll and got good results from that but everyone has their own method so good luck finding the right one for you


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