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Hi everyone!
I think my request is quite impossible but...
   I've a NIB Jackson Jekyll and I'd like to trade it with a lot of nude MH for OOAK and repaint. I'd like a lot of 4/6 nude dolls (loose too) including:
 -any version of Ghoulia, Frankie, Clawdeen, Spectra
-Skelita (?)

I think is impossible but I'd like to know if someone have a wig for a CAM too.
Thank you! c:

...Only Europe shipping, sorry! :/

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I have a de-haired frankie and a classroom frankie. But that is only two dolls. I assume you are not interested?

No hair? D: 

Do you have pictures?

Of course! But I'll post it tomorrow because it's late here now and I've school tomorrow :s

Yeah, I wanted to make her a custom but lost interest.

RainbowZoe said:

No hair? D: 

Voilà! Pictures c:


Nobody have Spectra? :(

nobody else?

I close the discussion...

I can't believe I didn't see this sooner! I have a nib basic spectra, I'm glad someone got Jackson though. :)


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