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I haven't seen Frozen yet. I think it is because years ago during the mania caused by this movie, I went to a Disney store. It was very unusual for me at the time. They were playing let it go in the store. The screaming and horrible voice of the singer singing the English version made me run out of the shop! It put me off Frozen and probably of anything Disney for years! lol

Today, I decided to try again and listen to that song on Youtube...same effect. I am absolutely horrified when I hear this singer screaming. I can't stand her voice. I think it ruins the animation and it does not suit the Elsa character at all

But I have found this and it changed my opinion about this song, not that bad after all...

The French singer looks like Anna (lol)

And Elsa looks very sexy for a Disney princess at the end of the song! Wow! She walks like a Monster High!!

Does anybody else find the English singing version horrifying or is it just me??

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I actually love Let It Go, it's a song I can relate to on so many levels, it's funny cause I heard the Demi Lovato version before I heard Idina Menzel's version, but I have hear Idina Menzel sing before and I have to say she is a good vocalist, I like her music and songs, she was in Wicked before Frozen and had some songs I relate to in that show, so I have a connection with her and I think she's a creative singer. 

Yes I know. A lot of people think she is a great singer. In my case, I don't like the tone of her voice especially on the higher singing parts of the song. She sounds ok when she sings low. Also I think she sounds too old for Elsa (but this is another matter). I had no idea who she was before hearing "Let it go" so it is just a matter of taste I suppose. I think she is the opposite of a creative singer. She is well trained for that type of singing (musicals).

Before hearing all the international singers, I did not like that song. I think they all sound better than her in any language. For me, it is a shame they used this singer for the original version. It is only my opinion, of course! ;-)

of course :) and you are entitled to it and I will respect it, agree to disagree, though a lot of people have said she sounds too old so your not the only one, I feel a strong connection to Elsa regardless.


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