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Source : Tai Sook Fuli

Aery Evenfall :

Pyxis Prepstockings :

Some changes since the prototypes and models exposed to Toy Fair (colors and patterns rear thigh, missing helmet color wings).

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In was thinking, maybe they're the size they are because they're meant to be centaur sprites or something?

The box are is really cute, but the figures themselves aren't my cup of tea. The back legs are weird and I'm not a pony fan in the first place. This was a hugely bad idea, Mattel. I don't see this going well at all. Should've called them FlopMares.

omg they have two horns they are demon ponies i must have them now.

these baffle me because their designs really do feel like they were designed using a "pull things out of a hat" approach. horse body, humanoid upper torso, horns and ears... random scars/feathery bits, skeletal bits. So confusing.

That said, they really do feel like misfit toys lol. My Makie August demands on as a "minion" because he totally takes in all the horrifying abominations.

I hope they're cheap, like.. a tenner cheap.

they do feel much like the same market as those static mlps though. They remind me of toys from the 90s but with added "wth?"

I can't say I much like them as a mh product. They don't feel like they mesh with the rest of the franchise but as "wth?" toys? they amuse me.

Why do they have horns? WHY?

Yyyyeah, let's face facts, folks.  These are clearly toys aimed at younger, horse-crazed kids and aren't really meant for grown-ups.  Sure, they look like cheap knockoffs with simplistic parts and molded tails, and I have to wonder just what they were thinking when they green-lit these things, but considering their purpose?  I'm cool with it.  Not everything needs to be appealing to adult collectors.  That's why we have things like the collector-grade Draculaura coming out.

I'm actually excited for these, but not for myself.  My 3 year old niece loves my MH collection, so I bet she'd love to collect the same looking toys as her auntie.

The two last Fright-Mares in box. Their names ? No idea.

I much prefer these two than the other two.

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