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Source : Tai Sook Fuli

Aery Evenfall :

Pyxis Prepstockings :

Some changes since the prototypes and models exposed to Toy Fair (colors and patterns rear thigh, missing helmet color wings).

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oooo so cute i want them.

Did they say how much they were I'm hoping they are 10.

I think they would make nice ooak custom projects...

Seeing them in box is a a wake up call that yes Mattel is capable of producing things that are as dissapointing as their Disney dolls.

Well, these are nightmares.....

Cheap, ugly, weird back leg, I can see nothing ok about these.

They look like those weird knock offs you find on alibaba or something

Agreed. Cheap and tacky. Just because they put a MH logo on it we're supposed to wet our panties over them. They've truly run their course. Normally I am not one to dwell on the negative but who needs a goth wannabe my little pony? Not I.
I'm usually really positive about everything that mh does.....but these are horrid. No more to say on the matter!

I hate to say it but I am really disappointed in these they look cheap they look like knockoffs and my biggest concern here is no articulation what so ever even the arms which are tiny, I am hoping they look better in person and that they are not expensive.

my lanky pony meets monster high.they look so bad that they look as good as a fake.

bring back fashion packs!!!!

It's basically what would happen if Equestria Girls were using a spell created by Twilight Sparkle and go stuck half way through. If these things looked like Avea then they might have been tolerable.

I agree they should have looked like Avea, even their tails are plastic oh dear.

If they were like Avea,I'd be all over them!but sadly they're not.
Such a missed opportunity.


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