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For my huswifey, Gazzy, and mah fraaanndddd Tori.

This is to speed up the process of Die and Grey getting together (not for Gaia, of course. Ya'll take your time in Gaia >.> XDDD) and I'mma use Cali (MY WEREBEAR, TORI XD) and have her help the two get together. Riff will be visiting his Mother and baby sister in some far away island or something, and Cali will be Grey's replacement wing-man. Ya'll get the idea? Good. 


k? k. 

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((Oh dear. XD))


Grey taps his pencil, repeatedly in a musical fashion, on the desk, as he looks at the exam in front of him. He could barely make out the Earth words, and this was very stressful for him. As always written exams were, for the alien from another planet. The only good news was the test was multipal choice, that meant if he filled in the dots randomly he MAY have a chance at passing.. then again that never really worked for him before... :(

What got him though most of the class was the beautiful Selkie,  Dieanna Taylor, sitting in front of him. It was no surprise that he'd often stare off into space thinking of her. 


The Class bell rang and all the monster got up rushing to hand in their test and out the door. Grey quickly filled out the rest of the bubbles before handing in the exam and slowed down to wait for Dieanna. 

"Hey Dieanna. So how do you think you did on the test?" He smiled at her.

Dieanna smiled back, blushing a little.

"I think I did okay."

She'd always wanted to talk to him. And now this was her chance!

((I feel in the mood for third person as well XD))

Cali tossed her head up on the desk, and looked at the blank exam on her desk. "Oh. no." She muttered, filling in random bubbles, then rushing to turn it in. She grabbed her draw-string bag, books, and all in a rush, then as sliding out of the classroom, she smacked her head on the door frame. "Why today of all days?" She questioned, hiding behind the door frame, to listen to Dieanna and Grey's conversation. She was going to be the BEST wing-man in the history of wing-mans. Well, wing-ghoul. She just needed to talk to Dieanna after her and Grey finish their conversation. She was filling in for Riff, who's Mother and baby sister were found, and he was visiting them. 

"Uhh, yeah me too..." He lied, rubbing the back of his head, and giving her a sheepish smile. 

"Umm so what class are you headed too now?"

"They both seem nervous." She thought to herself, her long, green hair flying a bit into the doorway. She tugged it back; she didn't want to seem like a stalker. There's nothing wrong with stalkers though. She patiently waited, tapping her finger on the wall. Her ears twitched, and her pale blue eyes shimmered as she stared up into the ceiling light. Claws tapping, shoulders rolling, and yet her lips were sealed. Just a normal thing for Callisto Staar. The second bell rang, and her silence remained. 

"I'm heading to Clawculous. Ughhh." She added, rolling her eyes. "I'd SO much rather be working on my new fashion line."


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