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well seeing this week is the big friday the 13th, how many webisodes do you think there will be? i am thinking at least 2 or 2 in 1. first to get us all hyped second to the friday showdown hopefully. cuz a week apart for something like that would kinda kill the friday the 13th vibe for me. i am hoping it is just one big webisode.

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It would be nice if we had an extra long episode or something but I'm not gonna stack my hopes up to high, I'm just hoping to see Holt at least
yeah me 2!!!!
i hope its one long webisode but even if its 2 split up between thursday and friday i'll still be happy. i just dont wanna wait anymore! lol
its tommarow!!!
There is one today.

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:
So, they didn't say there wasn't going to be an episode today. Maybe there still will be one today? Am I the only one checking for new episodes just in case, or is that probably a waste of time?


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