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well seeing this week is the big friday the 13th, how many webisodes do you think there will be? i am thinking at least 2 or 2 in 1. first to get us all hyped second to the friday showdown hopefully. cuz a week apart for something like that would kinda kill the friday the 13th vibe for me. i am hoping it is just one big webisode.

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I'd love to see like a 10 minute or more webisode this week. That would make my day. Also so would spectra, Abbey, Jackson, and Holt.

Same Here as well LKC I to think that if they spread it out it will kill it....Im thinking mabey one long one or heck mabey we can get lucky and they will post two Webisodes at once :)

I'd absolutely love to see one large webisode, it would be epic, I agree that it would ruin the firday the 13th vibe if there was only one episode......with The offical MH Facebook page getting us all excited about friday the 13th, I just hope it will be worth the wait ^_^


I honestly feel like they are hyping Friday the 13th up so much, that they are not going to be able to live up to the hype. I just feel like we are going to be disappointed.
I'd like for it to be just one episode twice as long at least. Considering all the build-up for that day it's got to be an extended episode. Otherwise, I don't get what the big deal is especially since it seems like no new dolls are coming to stores.
I really hoped they're now getting us hyped up for nothing, if there's a really un-hyped episode on thursday, I'm gonna be so stinking MAD!! I hope thier not getting us hyped up for nothing
It could be the 1 hour special but doubt it
I'd think that would be on TV and not Youtube. We'd also know if it were to be on TV by now. I'm expecting the 1 hour special to air sometime around Halloween, like the last special.

VampyNapy said:
It could be the 1 hour special but doubt it

i don't think they are doing a special this week cuz nick would be saying something about it. but a longer episode would be really sweet or.


... i never pegged jinx to be a spammer! =O.O'=

Wun: i know but it didn't say what or when it would be and like you said there is no adds of it. and the next friday the 13th is for another year. jan of next year. but hopefully we will get a really good webisode.


jinx: it better! =>.<= JK. lol. hope you like my newest sim video when it get approved.

I want it to be atleast 2 episodes. It would be great if the new characters are in it!


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