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I have been extremely blessed by the relationships and availability of this board. I have been able to sell, buy and trade several dolls on here all the while forging new friendships. In the spirit of the season i want to give a little token to the community. While not an expensive doll he is very hard to find and is reselling rather high on the secondary markets. I want to give one away. This is my decision solely and my decision is final. I am paying for the doll as well as shipping (domestic) to you in time for Christmas. Rules are simple. Tell me why you need him. Simple as that. I will keep the forum open for 5 days (close 12/11) and will ship the doll to the recipient on the 12th.
I will also make a similar challenge to others on this board. If you have been blessed, you should bless others.
Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!


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I would really love to have Deuce because I have twin girls who love Monster High. The only thing the oldest twin asked for was a Deuce doll and as you know he is pretty close to impossible to find. I have been hunting for him like crazy with no luck. Twins are expensive enough as it is so we obviously can't afford the insane prices he is going for online not to mention I can't justify paying that much for one doll for one child. I feel really bad that i can't give her the one thing she asked for this year but I know she will appreciate what she does get but it still would be really awesome if I could give her this. I have been trying to teach my girls the value of giving to others and we have started a tradition of buying a few toys to donate so I think it is wonderful that you are being so kind and generous. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

the reason i need/would love to have deuce is that im in australia and i doubt we will get him over here as we never got gil. i dont have a job atm so im being patient and waiting for scaris to show up here but ive heard they are shipping some boxes with out deuce. if you pick me i would be willing to pay shipping as im so far away

Hi i would like the scaris deuce because my daughter is looking every where for the monster high scaris collection and she can't find it anywhere so i will be blessed if i got this for my daughter i think she really deserves it and also it was her birthday yesterday and i really hope i win this doll and i would be very thankful thank you for your time and i guess i will say bye. (Josie Morales)


I need (want) him because a friend of mine's sister has ruined one of her boy dolls, and she has like, none left. I want to get her Scaris Deuce so she'll have a boy doll for her girlies. I'm not like, needing him, but I thought she'd like a nice gift like him. and whoever wins, have fun with your Deuce! :3

 My daughter  would love to have Scaris  Deuce, and although  she has  a crazy mother who has gotten literally everywhere on a hunt for MH dolls, I have never been able to find Deuce.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and whatever your choice may be, am sure you will be making the right one.  Happy Holidays!!!

Hello! Every year for Christmas I purchase my daughter Monster High Dolls. I try to get her full sets and with it being Christmas I allow myself to splurge a bit. I have been very blessed in my search for the Monster High Scaris collection, with only one doll missing, DUECE! My daughter is well aware I have been searching actively and have been unsuccessful in the purchase. I save for Christmas every year and refrain from making unnecessary purchases so that I can buy my daughter what she asks for, but unfortunately as you stated this doll is highly sought after and comes with a high price. I know that my daughter would be overjoyed if Duece made it under our Christmas tree, just the thought of watching her excitement and joy makes me smile! Oh what I would do just to see her reaction!
Thank you for the opportunity of possibly being able to mark the last thing off my daughters Christmas list. You are a wonderful person and god bless you!

I have a daughter that is seven and wants Deuce really bad for Christmas, I am a single father who tries to give them all that I can, I would be happy if you could just steer me in the right direction to get my own. I have seen other Scaris dolls but not Deuce is he only sold at certain stores, thanks and by the way what your doing is really cool

First let me say thank you for unselfish act and may it inspire others in one way or another to do the same. It is interesting to write why we "want" or "need" this doll. It makes me think of what we as parents will do for for our children---anything. For two years I have been checking my local stores as well as online websites. (I agree some websites or people are taking advantage of its rarity) This past Summer I lost my job so going to stores was not an option. Still checking websites for those optimistic words "In Stock" no luck. So for me to acquire a Deuce doll would be indescribable joy knowing how my daughters face will beam with happiness. Thank you for your generosity, hope and time to read our stories. Have a great holiday!

Duece would be a wonderful gift for my 12 year old daughter she has no boy dolls an duece is her favorite one . She's waited so patiently to get one but I haven't had any luck finding one where I live. She's a A student and try's really hard in school. She even asked me if I thought her monster high collecting was stupid but I told her no as long as it makes her happy she should continue .i know she would really appreciate your generosity. Good luck to every one.
Thank you to all that participated. I want you all to know that I wish I had a Scaris Deuce Gorgon doll to give you all, I would. Thank you for being a part of this awesome community. I pray that you all have a Merry Christmas, prosperous New Year and that God blesses each one of you. Deuce is boxed up and will be in route to his new home tomorrow. Thanks again for sharing a little of your lives with me. Lord willing, I will be doing this again next year. Happy Monster Hunting.

Merry Christmas

Zombie Griff

I guess I'll try here too.

This one I would love to have but not for me. Not for my grandma either. I would really like this for my friends Daughter. She doesn't have much, and I'd like her to have a boy doll to go with her other girl doll. They live in a small home just her and her mom, and they aren't doing bad but they live very very modestly. They are the sweetest people I know and if her daughter had something special like this I know they would truly appreciate it. Because the house is so small, when the little girl gets one toy, I believe she has to pack up or donate another, so she only has a handful of really great toys.


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