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I have been extremely blessed by the relationships and availability of this board. I have been able to sell, buy and trade several dolls on here all the while forging new friendships. In the spirit of the season i want to give a little token to the community. While not an expensive doll he is very hard to find and is reselling rather high on the secondary markets. I want to give one away. This is my decision solely and my decision is final. I am paying for the doll as well as shipping (domestic) to you in time for Christmas. Rules are simple. Tell me why you need him. Simple as that. I will keep the forum open for 5 days (close 12/11) and will ship the doll to the recipient on the 12th.
I will also make a similar challenge to others on this board. If you have been blessed, you should bless others.
Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!


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The reason I need this doll is my daughter. She is only 3 but absolutely loves monster high, the only thing she wants for Christmas this year is deuce. I live in Ontario Canada and deuce wont be out here until at least march, and buying him off ebay is not an option for me because I don't have the 100 most sites want for him. I don't normally ask for a handout but this would mean the world to Taylor. thank you for the chance to make my baby's  Christmas.

I would like Deuce to give to a friend of mine for Christmas! She regretted ever selling the one she had, and when she was finally able to get one second-hand, his body got ruined by an acetone spill before he could be sent to me to have his face repainted!

She's a great friend, so I would like to repaint a Deuce and give him to her. :)

Plain and simple. I want Deuce...Can't find him anywhere and he's cool. Soo yeah LOL 

I have to say griff you are one great person. I bought a whole set from you last week and you didn't over charge me. I've completed my set of scaris with all 9 dolls and the car and cafe. If it want for u I would not have made it you are kind hearted person and whoever u choose my both of you be blessed by this true spirit of Christmas. Thanks again and whoever is chosen I hope your child is as happy as mine daughter is gonna be merry Christmas all u monster high fans

My son and I both play/collect/mod with the dolls.  I modded (rooted hair, small change in the eyes, added horns) the gargoyle CAM for him but as you know not many boy dolls. My son is upset there aren't more boys and I've tried to explain but he is autistic so he just doesn't really get it. I've tried to make it a game-everytime we go into the city (we live in a town of less than 2000), we visit all the toy places looking for a boy MH. Of course I keep an eye out for one online in hopes of giving him that extra special surprise but the 70-100+ dollars is way out of my price range. 

Thanks for taking the time to read mine. I hope whoever gets it, joy and bless you for doing this.

I just started on the Scaris collection and I had no idea there was going to be a male in that collection. I don't absolutely need him currently, but as a collector and lover of the Monster High line, I would love to get my hands on him. Something about these dolls shows you don't need to be scarily perfect to be who you are and be who you want to be. And they give me an odd comfort of all the bad times I've gone through in the last five years. I have no idea why. Even if I don't get him, I still wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a very Marry Christmas, and you are a lucky butt whoever gets him! 8D Treat him well!

The reason i need scaris deuce is because my 5 year old little boy is in love with the doll. My daughter collects monster high and i think her little brother plays with them more. He would love to have him and i have tried everywhere to get him . This would make his Christmas.I have to say you are a very nice person for wanting to spread the good fortune. I also so the ship out date is the 12th and that is this monstermoms b-day and it would make my day for him to have it. Merry Christmas  Thank you monster mom

i dont personally need deuce, but i know a friend less fortunate than myself who would absolutely die for him. hes her fave boy and has been wanting a deuce for her cleo.

The true meaning of christmas ..Giving to those who are wishing for that special gift to brighten there day on christmas morning.We can all write a thousand words.My daughter will only say one.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Jumping up and down)

Deuce gorgon & Holt Hyde are the only presents that my daughter has asked Santa for & as you can imagine I cannot find them anywhere. She is 8 & starting the is 'Santa real'...this would be Santa magic!!!

I would love to have one to give my brother...plain as that. I know I might find one eventually probably after xmas but I would love to be able to wrap it and give it to him as a gift from Santa because whats more magical than that and its always fun to see his eyes light up with happiness :)

What you are doing is amazing! I applaud you and your generosity :)

I just wanted to say this is a beautiful gesture Zombie Griff! Merry Christmas!


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