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I have been extremely blessed by the relationships and availability of this board. I have been able to sell, buy and trade several dolls on here all the while forging new friendships. In the spirit of the season i want to give a little token to the community. While not an expensive doll he is very hard to find and is reselling rather high on the secondary markets. I want to give one away. This is my decision solely and my decision is final. I am paying for the doll as well as shipping (domestic) to you in time for Christmas. Rules are simple. Tell me why you need him. Simple as that. I will keep the forum open for 5 days (close 12/11) and will ship the doll to the recipient on the 12th.
I will also make a similar challenge to others on this board. If you have been blessed, you should bless others.
Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!


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The reason I would like to have Deuce because I don't NEED him is because I have no boy dolls in my collection.  I am a single mother who has a love for dolls and Monster High dolls have my heart right now!!! I don't get to collect alot of dolls because my Son in my priority so having Deuce would be a great gift for me!!!

I need deuce because I have traded my only deuce for a very rare doll, hoping that I would be able to get the Scaris Deuce. my mom has been going to TRU and Target lately (christmas presents) and has not seen any of the smaller boxed scaris at all. She even has gone to a few Justices and has been told that they do not sell MH dolls at one, and at the other she's been told that they do sell them, but are sold out in a couple hours. If I don't get this now, then I'm going to have to wait.... and wait.... and wait. 

Merry Christmas!!! :D

I need Scaris Deuce because I promised myself, due to their regretful rarity, I'd get every Monster High male doll.

@Zombie Griff: I am not interested in Deuce, but I APPLAUD your decision. If I could find any of the sought-out dolls here, I would do it too. BRAVO, hon. Merry Christmas!!

We do not NEED him either, however WE would LOVE him, my daughter and I both collect!

We live in a very small get our dolls either here on the boards or online.

I just want to say YOU ARE AWESOME for doing such a generous act for someone for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


I would like Scaris Deuce because although I hadnt planned to get him for my daughter for Christmas because of how tight our money situation is I know she would absolutely be overjoyed by getting him. I actually thought that I was going to be able to get him through a trade but because I wasnt able to hold up my end and get the dolls she needed for Christmas I told her to go ahead and keep him so she can try to trade for what she needs.

Hello. I would like deuce for my little boy. Right now he is going thru the phase of where he wants to be like Mommy. Well Mommy loves Monster High so now he does too. He will sit and stare at my poster and dolls and he will watch the dvd over and over again. I would love to give him his own doll and since he is a boy that would be great. I have been unable to find any boy ones bc i can not afford those kinds of prices. Also I just want to say what ur doing is very sweet. Thank u.

i just want to give it to my 6yo daughter for christmas, i will send you a thank you letter and picture back if you pick me.:)

This is very noble of you Zombie Griff! I recently went to every Justice in a 60 mile radius of me looking for a Deuce for my daughters, needless to say- I was given the same story at 80% of them! There was a gentleman who lives about an hour from me who had put every Deuce on hold and was having them shipped to him so he wouldn't have to drive to get them from every store. My first reaction was rage- "How could you guys do that"?..."Is that allowed"? Followed by guilt- "I should have done that"... "Why didn't I think of that". I came away thinking to myself maybe he needs them more than we do. We as a family have been blessed to have things many others do not! A beautiful home,an amazing and wonderful family, and well paying professions! In this Holiday season, I am happy to say, we have already been given everything we could ever want-with or without Deuce Gorgon!))

This is very sweet of you. :) 

What an awesome gesture, very sweet and unselfish.

First of I would like to state, what ur doing is a wonderful thing! I know so many ppl r having a hard time around this Christmas season. So to see you doing this on your own expense makes me happy and gives me hope that there are still good people in this world. I am new to the site. The reason i actually am on here is bc both my wife and son love Monster High. If I could win this doll I would be extremly greatful. I would love to suprise them with him. I have searched with no luck in finding him at a readonable price. I dont think I deserve this no more than the others nor will our Christmas be any less blessed without him, however; this would def add the enjoyment to our Christmas. We have had a really rough past few months. And we r having a hard time getting back up on our feets. Recently we have sold alot of our things just to make ends meet. Christmas being a few weeks away isnt making things any easier. I love my wife and our son and all i want is to make them happy. If i could win this would be a true blessing. If i dont then they person who does is very blessed indeed and i hope it truly goes to the one that deserves him the most. Thank u for ur time. May u have a wonderful night.


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