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I have a blog called my monster crush. 

Last month we had a May Drawing and gave away some pretty cool stuff.

It is free, costs nothing to enter or to receive your item if you win.


I know I am not really buying, selling or trading,

but this seemed like the best place to post this.


If there is an issue, please let me know.

Cheers, PB Ray

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this is cool but how do i subscribe to post comments? :)

Thanks Scarred Kitty :)


Sammy~ If you want to post a comment on the blog, you need to go there, and click on the Comment at the bottom of a post, then write your comment.

There is a new post up- the beginning of the tutorial on customizing.

Another new post on the blog- featuring how to make a feather wig and how to re-root with mohair.


There is another tutorial up- and another chance for you to win by commenting on this post. This one os about painting your doll.

Last Day to Post a Comment and get an Entry for the Free Monster High Jeans.
Candy is finished and waiting to hear from you!


So cute! :)
I think she's absolutely Kawaii love the outfit love the hair just amazing job!

This months drawing item is Bitty Bat :)


Gah So Cute! I want ittttt :)

-Goes and enters right away-
PB Ray said:

This months drawing item is Bitty Bat :)




I have a new post up about modding MH dolls.

August Drawing is in full swing.  Stop by, post a comment and get an entry for the drawing :)


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