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I'm hoping someone in the know here could tell me if the freaky fusion line (Sirena, Avea and Bonita) is still being stocked in stores? I was hoping for price drop before buying and put it off but now I'm worried they aren't restocking at places like Amazon, not sure if I should rush to snatch them up or wait for restock, any advice?

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I am still finding them around here in my stores. Its may be that some stores are still getting them some aren't.

My Walmart is still stocking them, but it is so behind.  They only just put out the fused ghouls last month, and I think they had that box for a while, because there was a Neighthan in it.  I haven't even seen New Scaremester wave 2 here.  Ironically, there's also a roll back tag on Creepateria, which we don't even have out.  That's how far behind we are!  Though I think just Bonita's on the shelves right now.

I actually just had this problem. I ordered avea and bonita off of toysrus for 18 dollars each, but that was a week ago so i'm not sure if they're on there anymore. It took my about another week to find Sirena though, she was the one I was having trouble finding. I looked on amazon for acouple days, and ebay etc. But then one day I called my walmart and they said they had her. I was freaking out, haha. But when I went there they had avea neighthan and bonita too, not very many but acouple. So I do think they are still shipping, but I doubt for long. You probably should hurry on trying to find them if you can.

I still see them but they will be replaced soon with the boo york assortments.

I just checked toysrus and it turns out that the sale is no longer in place, so they are back to 24.99. But if you do still want them and dont mind paying full price you can get Bonita and Avea online there!

i'm having the same problem here in the uk i left off buying 2 of the hybrids as i wasn't a fan of them so waited for lower price,now i can't find sirenna anywhere i managed to get avea off ebay for £17.99.

I've seen avea instock a few times on
Thanks everyone! I'm gonna rush to grab them where ever I can. next time I won't wait so long xD

They seem to pop up often in my area.

Yup, Im still finding them in stores...all 3 including Neighthan Rot

Neighthan never showed up in my area. We have gotten very few of the guys. The only ones I've seen aside from the Mansters, Wolf, and Picnic Packs are 1 Billy (which I bought), one of the first Deuces (don't remember which one), the Gloom Beach Jackson once, Home Ick Heath a couple of times, Porter (who isn't too hard to find), and Dance Class Gil once or twice.


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