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If you were given the possibility to design your own Freaky Fusion dolls, which ghouls would you mix up together and what would they look like? You can pick up any ghoul you want. Even background characters. And you can also use any of the mansters. You can even mix up a ghoul and a manster, if you want to. Go wild and have fun! ;-)

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I would mix Wydowna and Skelita just because a 6 limbed skeleton would be amazing.


That's a great combo! I love it!

Rochoney and Spectrabbey. Great choices.

I'd want potential offspring dolls, not like, teen pregnancy products, but I mean, I want to see what Lala and Clawd's kid would look like as a Werepire. I want to see a Gorgon/Mummy with Deuce's eyes and black and gold and green snakes mixed with a head of dark hair and scales under wrappings, and Fire Yeti with the best of Abbey and Heath's attributes. I know the person you fall in love with in high school is almost never the person you end up with these days, but it'd be nice to see fusions that relate to our favorite interspecies couples. 

What a fun topic! I would mix:

Spectra/ Operetta: Spectra's facemold in the colors of Operetta, with Oppy's hairstyle, color and clothing style, and the other way around. Operetta's facemold in Spectra's colors etc. Both would be gorgeous.

Heath/ Venus: Yellow Venus, with flaming red hair and his clothing style, mixed in with some plant elements.

Ghoulia/ Holt: Blue Ghoulia with red hair, eyebrow piercing and facial tattoo and back tattoo, wearing a style of clothing mixed from both characters.

Robecca/ Jinafire: A steampunk robotic dragon! With a mix of both their haircolors, Jinafire's tail and skin color, Robecca's bodymold and facemold, but with a face-up that is similar to Jinafire's. And I would add robotic wings too.

And Deuce/ Jinafire: Deuce in Jina's colors, with scales all over his body, his snakes in Jina's skin color, and his face up similar to Jina's but with his snake-like eyes.

Oooh! Franbecca Stean!

Part Frankie, part Robecca! Made from parts! Basically, a construct that is biomechanical, with white, black, and blue hair, a cross between the facial molds, and a body that is both stitched and rivetted on mismatched limbs, and with a two-tone torso! 

She can have Robecca's fashion sense, like bloomers, a full skirt, a corset-y top, and hat with fascinator but with Frankie's color scheme and love for lighting bolt stripes in black and white.

I love this. Everyone has many great ideas. I'd love to see Spectroney (Spectra and Honey(, Cattagoona (Catty and Lagoona), Abbenus (Abbey and Venus), Operettabbey (Operetta and Abbey), Catrankie (Catrine and Frankie) and Jinoperetta (Jinafire and Operetta).

Wow! Alot of creative ideas!

I hope the actual deluxe Freaky Fusion dolls will be as great as the ideas on this topic!

Frankabbey: Frankie with white skin, black hair streaked with pink and blue, and ice and lighting powers.

Clawdowna: Clawdeen with six arms and longer hair (Wolf Spider!)

Roheath: Robecca with flamethrowers on her arms

Scaretta: Scarah with purple skin and amazing singing ability.

Valenclawd: Valentine, now with the most strokeable fur known to woman

that sounds incredibly Awesome I totally love it
another_monster said:

I would mix Wydowna and Skelita just because a 6 limbed skeleton would be amazing.

I would say Abbey and Spectra two of my favourite Ghouls a Ghost yeti that can freeze things, Lagoona & Cleo a mummy sea monster, Heath and Draculaura a Flame Vampire & Robecca & Toralei Robot Kitty. 


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