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As if the Freak du Chic line wasn't already full of great characters, it's been revealed that there's a new 2-pack coming, featuring Twyla as a stilt-walking clown, and Clawdeen as a beast tamer. They even come wth Crescent and Dustin.

The pictures can't be posted here, but you can find them on the monster high tumblr tag.

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IN YO FACE! ahem

Sorry, just... when these two first got show there were a load of people calling "fake" and then a bunch who INSISTED "that's not clawdeen" then made out like I was an idiot for saying that it was totally Clawdeen's face mould.

So I feel vindicated. YES it was Clawdeen, YES I was correct and *air punch*


I love this pair. they have their pets, which is super exciting. I love the use of black making them look super twisted circus. I actually like them better than the other FDC dolls and I think it entirely comes down to the black. The others are still pretty colourful while these two are very gothy looking and I DIG that.

Yes, I want want want.

Adding this to the list of sets I actually am excited about heh.

I had intended to get all of Freak du Chic, but now I'm not fully sure.  I don't love Twyla's dolls like I thought I would, but it is a circus theme, so I'm torn.  I guess we'll have to wait until we see them.

I am so super exciting about these two and so happy about the pets, I hope it's not an exclusive or hard to find, I love Twyla's hair and outfit and makeup she looks amazing the best so far, I can't wait to get her, Clawdeen also looks great love the hair I think this is the best line so far I might have said that before about previous lines I am super excited about this line.

So... we get yet another Clawdeen, but this time with grey skin? Not impressed. It's still Clawdeen. Major pass.

Not sure if her skin is desaturated or the image is just really bad. We'll have to wait to see the actual dolls before we really know for sure what's up with the odd desaturatedness.

Someone suggested they might be desaturated as a homage to the old timey carnival posters, similar to how the black and white Skull Shores Frankie was an homage to the original King Kong.

theyre odd, they look different in style from the rest of the line which is more colorful. Are they supposed to be like zombies or somethng? they seem to gave cracks in their faces.

I think they're a great addition to the already great Freak du Chic. :) I'm definitely going to be looking for them. 

Is this definitely a two-pack? it says "Surtido" underneath, which I'm pretty sure means "assortment". That suggests to me they're sold separately.

Will the werecat twins also be part of this line too since there was new heads for them?

If they were, that could make it an assortment of two-packs. But we already have the Ghoulia/Slo Mo and Lagoona/Gil as this season's two-pack assortment. Weird. Anyone got any thoughts?


Tywla...eeeeck nightmare! I hate clowns...and she is scary IMO lol


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