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Hey Hunters out there found FDC Clawdeen and Twyla at Targets on the west coast of South FL. If anyone is looking. They had about 2 more of each and also 2 frankies and 1 honey. No Gooliope yet but I wanted clawdeen and twyla more. Happy Hunting!

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Skeletongirl, thank you for your help!  I took your advice, and I asked someone working at Target to check in the back for me.  He was super nice and looked on his inventory tracker and found that they had Freak Du Chic Monster high dolls still in the back.  The first box that he brought out was the "old" dolls with Frankie, Honey Swamp, etc, but then he brought out the second box which had 3 of each Clawdeen and Twyla!  So excited!  They rang up at 19.99 each.  Thanks again!  I always feel bad asking, but he was so nice and helpful.

No problem Enjoy.

Just found them and all the other dolls at Target today. XD
I think it's awesome that Clawdeen and Twyla weren't moved up to the deluxe price range! They have more items and accessories than the other FDC dolls and they're still 20 bucks!


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