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Hello everyone.

I bought a wave 1 Frankie some months ago and the piece of her knee that joins leg and thigh was broken (the round part in half, not the round part FROM the pointy part, picture attached).

I complained to Mattel in my country (the box was intact so it hadn't been an outside problem, like some fall or hit) and they've been kind enough to send me a brand new doll.

So now I have two lovely wave 1 Frankie Steins. Or quite.

Problem is, I don't like the face of the new one. Her eye paint is too close together it doesn't really follow the marks of the plastic face so she looks a little dumb :P I like the face of my broken Frankie so much better.

So I decided to play the real Dr. Frankenstein and assemble the best parts of the two dolls into one.

Unfortunately for me, the legs won't come out! I though they had the same joint type as the elbows and wrists, which come out easily. Not the knees. Not like Skelita Calaveras' ones or the build-it-yourself kit where you can take on and off all parts, even knees.

So now I don't know what to do, keep my perfect but ugly doll or fix (on a shop, paying money, who knows how much -I'm not using duct tape and keep going) the knee joint of my first Frankie.

But just to know for sure (I'm not pulling out stronger in case it breaks): Frankie Stein's knee joints DON'T come out from the thigh, right guys?

Has any of you had the same problem? How did you fix it?

Thank you for answering!

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Just change heads! It's easy to pull it off, especially if you dip the head in some hot water so plastic softens up a bit! Then you have your perfect doll!!! :-D

And the knee joints are not suppose to be able to remove... Only the hands and arms. And Skelita is the only doll (I think?) apart from the CAMS that have removable legs...

THANKYOUUU so much for your answer! So I can really swap heads? I tried to pull it off but I feared I'd break it and let it be >__< So you asure me I can pull the head out?

OMG that's such a relief. Thank you!

PS. I think they should make all dolls like Skelita, I mean, their legs, so you can pull 'em off and on!

No prob! Yes I asure you! That's what everyone does when rerooting hair! (I've pulled of and put pack 24 MH heads) ;-) Just wiggle it and pull, don't pull hard and fast, don't know how the neck thing can handle that.. And like I said, if you dip in hot water it will come of easily! :-)) Maybe you can even search on youtube or something "how to pull of mh doll head"? :-)


I think so too!!! I would buy the CAM Harpy and put all the parts on Operettas body if it was possible! Darn Mattel.... >_/p>

Awesome! I've seen tutorials and now I'm ready to swap heads. YAY! I'm having my great Frankie. Now I don't know what to do with the other one, maybe keep it in case I lose parts (although I just want it to be on the stand, no playing, so...).

Anyway. I'm very thankful.

I wish I was talented enough to customize my doll (specially adding more hair, I think she's got a poor hair mane) but I guess I'll have to be content with the regular doll (which anyway is pretty cool).

Thanks again!

Well, you can always use her to do face-up or rerooting experiments on of you'd ever feel like it, and not worrying to mess a nice doll up! :-)


Good luck! :-D

I gotta say... I wasn't able. I heated the necks with a hairdryer (warm and low, not burning) and tried to pull the head off twisting it gently and pulling... But it won't come off easily. And I'm afraid it'll break, as the green part of the neck got a little white from the twisting and pulling.

I suck at this. I'm sooo afraid I'll break them!

Ok, don't panic. I saw this YouTube tutorial and follow the steps and pulled it of and then back on. Nothing broke (although the green joint got white from bending, but hey). I used a hairdryer instead of water, I didn't want to wet my doll's hair because I'm a newbie and I dunno what'll happen.

NOW I have a perfect Frankie. And dunno, I might try to fix the other one.

Thanks for all help! And for your patience.


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