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Hello, monsterhigh,


It's way too bad about the gappy joints, because their faces and hair aren't too bad, actually.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

their joints make them a nah uh for me, but I have to say. Cleo's dress IS pretty. Its not her style at all, but it's pretty.

And Moanica has some amazing pieces. her dress is super macabre, her rib cage tiara is very classic MH and her shoes are amazing avant guarde catwalk sort of things. I feel like if you switched up some of the pieces you could get a good doll out of these. I'd be inclined to pair the dress with a leather biker jacket and some fishnets with some big ol' boots, or keep the crazy platformed point shoes but ditch the tiaras and more "prissy" bits of the outfits to make them more punky.

Drac I think is the blandest of the lot, I can't really see any part of her outfit i'd want to salvage but Moanica I would strip and steal her clothing and Cleo i'd take that dress, her tiara and her head because she's dang pretty. I don't much care for her shoes though, and her body is gross. But I dig that dark makeup she's got going on and the high bun thing works for her.

I suspect there's more of these to come as we saw a leaked Clawdeen looking dress. Whether that was just a prototype they never made I dunno but a ballet Clawdeen, if she's as spiky and crazy as Moanica might be worth it for outfit pieces too.

I'd like to know, do the dress patterns go the whole way around or are they half print? and what's the quality of the clothing itself like?


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