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I'm so lucky! I found her at a small toy store on the boardwalk! I named here Beth, because she is from Rehobeth beach! Here are some pictures of her! She made some friends lol. The beach in the background looks a bit depressing cause its raining!

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Congrats! That's Awesome!  I can imagine how excited yo were and I would be if I found a Toralei.  Toralei was the first doll that I purchased

Thanks!! I'm so happy! She's gorgeous! I'm glad she was your first doll. She's quite stunning!

Hello, not a cat,

Congrats! Beth the werecat looks really good; her faceup is prrr-fect! What a find!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Thanks so much!! <3


Great doll.

This Freak du Chic Toralei was hard to find here. When they were in the shops, there were lots of Frankie, a normal amount of Honey and Jinafire but no Toralei.

I have found her in a car boot sale a few months ago. She is not perfect and she is missing her head piece. I don't mind, I am pleased to have her. (She looks wonky on the picture but she is not that bad in real life LOL but she definitely has a bad hair day! I still haven't fixed her hair since I took this picture months ago. lazy!)

She looks so beautiful! I'm so glad that you were able to find her! Was she in her box when you found her, or was she loose?

She was loose, has been played with and has a few (minor) issues. It is ok, I buy a lot of my dolls loose and pre-loved. I am used to their slight imperfections! You were lucky to find her, and new in box too. She was not easy to find at the time. I can tell you are very pleased. I would be too.

Beth has made a new friend with the Narwhal that In won on the boardwalk!

lol Toralei is lucky to have a so cute new friend! ;-)

lol yes she is!

Congrats it must have been amazing to find an old MH doll in box too and Freak Du Chic Toralei is beautiful one of my favourite Toraleis I got mine back in 2015 with some of the others from that line.

Thanks! :D


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