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Is this my first open RP? XD


I will only allow the first three people who ask to join. (I will give out two free passes to friends of mine)


If you two don't want to join, tell me and I will give someone else your free pass.

Other People:

1: Volcanica is flamin! (Annelise)

2: Mrs. Styles

3: Gregory

I know that there are tons of "Slender" RPs out there, and they eventually get extremely boring.

But this RP isn't about the forest version of Slender. I was thinking we could RP about Slender: Mansion.

I was also thinking (Good god, I need to stop thinking so much!) that I could bend the rules a little bit. *bends* Well... not a little bit. A lot. I'm adding a little bit of CreepyPasta to it, for effect. (Affect? Ah, who cares)

*dramatic lighting*

Our OCs wake up, confused, next to a large mansion. No one remembers anything. They only remember their name and their age. They decide to go in and explore. They meet others and roam the halls of the enormous mansion. But they soon realize that they're not alone. That they're being stalked by a man in a suit. This man is rather strange. He is thin and tall. His skin looks like it was bleached white. He is called the Slenderman. The weirdest thing about this man is his lack of a face. That's right. He is faceless. But he is not the only one roaming the dim halls of the mansion. There are more. A teenager with no eyes, just dark sockets. A killer with a smile carved into his face. A child with bleeding eyes. A smiling dog. And they're all watching the OCs' every move.

*fixes lighting*

Woo! I also have rules (which I never type up, cause I'm lazy, but this is an open RP and I feel like it needs rules).


1. You can only use OCs

2. I have the right to kick you out of the RP if you cause trouble.

3. If you use first person, do NOT do this:


I walk into the pet shop and see an adorable dog. I go over and pet it, grinning from ear to ear.


"That's such a cute dog!" I exclaim.


"I know. I think I will buy it!" I say, smiling.

I HATE HATE HATE HAAAATE that. So don't do it. Or I will kick you out.

4. Use proper grammar/spelling. I will kick you out if you type like this:

i run arund tring to find mi lost dog he is soooooooo fluffie and cutie i wuv him soooo much i hav to find him rite NOW.


hey! *runs over to angelica* what r u doing i ask. oh nothin she tells me im just looking for my lost rabbit *looks around* well i dnt see it i say.

Don't. Please.

5. Don't make your comment confusing. Please.

6. Please don't end the story really soon. It will eventually come to a stop on it's own.

7. Don't "cheat" and make it seem like the momentos are all in one room. Don't. Please.

8: I am the only one who gets to be the CreepyPasta characters (besides Slendy). What? That's not fair? Life isn't fair, kid. I've been exploring CreepyPasta for a long time and know what the characters do (most of them, anyway). You can mention that your OC sees them, but you can't control what the CreepyPasta characters do. No excuses.

9: You get four warnings. If I have to give you a fifth, I will kick you out of the RP.

10: Have fun.


Don't like my rules? Then leave.

You know my regular rules, so if I didn't add one... too bad.

I shall be Morte.

I will start the RP once everyone joins.

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(I shall join, please.)

((Yes, to both of you. We just need one more person, then I'll start.))

((Crap XD I forgot to add in the description (and I won't add it now cause I'm too lazy) that I will only accept your request to join if I know you! XD So, Volcanica and Calli, you guys don't need to worry. I know you. XD ))

(( Can I join ?))

((Yep. Alright, so... I'll start.

Morte's PoV))

I instantly open my eyes, the dream still haunting me. I stare up at the branches of trees waving in the wind. Where... am I? I sit up and look around. Weird. Stumbling to my feet, I notice a huge mansion in the distance. I sprint to it, tripping over branches and the uneven ground along the way. I race up the creaky steps and wiggle the doorknob. Locked. Glancing around, I notice a key danging from the ceiling of the porch. I snatch it and unlock the door, entering the house. I step inside and look around. Dark and gloomy, old and creaky. I try to remember how I got here, why I woke up here, and where I am. Am I close to home, or in a whole new world? All that I know is that my name is Morte and that I am 17. But, somehow, I get the eerie feeling that I'm not the only one near the mansion.

Someone punches me in the back and I cry out in surprise. The bandages around my skull fall off from the impact. I snatch them up and spin around to become face-to-face with a girl, her brown curls bouncing around. I knew I wasn't alone! I pat down my white-blonde hair, trying to cover up the knife wound on my forehead, and ask, "Who are you? How did you get here?"

(Here comes Shane and Shaun!)


I sit up beside a mansion. I shivered. I turned around as soon as I heard voices. I walk towards the source. "Er, do any of you know where I am?"I ask.

"Morte." I mutter as a redhead runs into the room.

"I highly doubt any of us know where we are." I tell him.

(Shane and Shaun don't know their brothers!)


I turn sharply as a boy who looks exactly like me runs in. I gasp. "Uh-I'm s-Shane." I say.


I gasp as I see the boy called Shane. "Er, I'm Shaun. You me."I say.

((I'm gonna give you a single warning (out of, like, five? XD ) cause you might not have read my typing rules correctly. I really hate it when you do that put-the-name-of-the-person-who-you're-talking-about-at-the-top-of-every-paragraph thing... I'm not making sense, but... try to stop?))

While everyone is distracted, I sneak away and walk up one of the staircases to the second floor. I enter a small room, it's walls beige and a bed sitting in the corner. I notice a pocket-mirror on the bed and pick it up. Strange. I stuff it in my pocket and continue to search the room.

I look through books, behind the table, and under the bed. Still, I find nothing else. I pull the mirror out of my pocket and stare into it, wondering if there is some sort of secret hidden in the mirror. Stupid idea, I know. All I see is my pale face, my hair hanging in front of my eyes. Nothing unusual. I notice that I never retied the bandages around my head, toss the mirror onto the floor, and dig around in my pockets, looking for the bandages. I find nothing. I look around the room, but the bandages are gone. When I look back down at the floor, the mirror is gone as well. I back out of the room and sprint down the hall. What is going on?

"N-nothing." I tell her over my shoulder, running into another room. I slam the door shut behind me and look around. It looks like the exact same room, but slightly different. The mirror and my bandages are lying on the bed. I walk over to them and reach out to pick them up. My hand goes right through them. They're holograms? I groan and pace the room, seriously confused.


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