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Hi guys and ghouls!

I have a Brand New Manny and Iris Set up for grabs!
These are New in box!

I am looking for trades at the moment things we are looking for are :


Scarah and Hoodude

looking for one of these to trade! Would like them to be NIB


I have Feedback that I can Provide at request!

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Hi. Congratulations on getting Manny and Iris. I wish you the best of luck with your trade. My concern is that Manny and Iris can be bought for around $100 on Ebay at the moment. I believe the price will go up once this initial surge of 'supply' after SDCC gets sold off. But Webarella is one year old and Scarah and Hoodude are two years old and will cost much more than $100 on Ebay.

It's not impossible that you find someone willing to part with their SDCC collectible, but they may want a more balanced trade in terms of value.

And if anyone accepts your trade, I encourage you to be very careful with scams. Do not ship first, only deal with a user whose account is very old and has many positive feedback trades with strong users on the site. Do not trust positive feedback from other, new users because that just means the scammer created multiple accounts and gave positive feedback to each other.

Again, best of luck completing your collection.


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