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For trade: Gil, Heath, Deuce, Hunter Huntsman and more

As it says, I'm looking to trade some of these dolls away. I'm lookino to trade these as units, meaning that they will be traded with who they are paired up with in the photos.Depending on the item to be traded, I can add and additional set to the trade. Looking to trade for:

*I Heart Fashion Wydown
*Draculocker Draculaura (doll only)
*Swim Class Spectra
*Save Frankie Jackson

*Open to offers of other dolls too.

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1. It was one day, not days. It was also for Slowmo, as can be seven in my previous thread.
2. I refused to trade because the eye placement of your doll was way off. Why would I want a wonk faced doll?
3. You constantly harassed me after the trade didn't go through, and I can't be blamed for not trading with you after you were pushy and creepy.
And 4. You'll be reported. This is a little vendetta to you, and it's fueled purely out of spite. you are actively trying to ruin b me because of a 30 dollar piece of plastic and it's pathetic.

P.S.: I have your messages and your most recent harassment via friend request. The only person people need to be wary of is YOU.
It's sad to hear that people try to do this just because they can't get their toys... Keen is reported with evidence to show against him/her. Hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone again.

I'll check it out, no problem. :)

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Thread has been reopened.


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