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for trade = DOTD Ghoulia, Nefera, Swim Holt, CAM, Fashion packs

HI guys.. I'm back for trading again hehhee

so I have 

DOTD Ghoulia in box.. but the box is not in perfect conditon :P

Nefera deNile out of the box but complete

Swim Holt NIB

CAM Puma

Toralei FP

Spectra FP

and will probably trade something else, tell me what ur looking for :D

My Wish list:

too lazy to type them all in hehehe

well here's my priority:

FCA Elissabat

FCA Viperine

FCA Honey

FCA Clawdia

FCA Operetta - can be clothes only

Jane Boolittle

PD Operetta - can be clothes only

I<3F Venus

GR Abbey

GR Cleo

GR Clawdeen

GR Lala

GR Frankie

Picnic Casket Frankie & Jackson

Sweet Screams Frankie

Sweet Screams Lala

Coffin Bean LaLa - can be clothes only

Scaremester Clawdeen

SDCC Ghoulia

Dolls that are not yet out I think?

Zombie Dance Venus & Rochelle

Zombie Dance Twins


Neighton Rot <- is that right? ;P

Coffin Bean Venus


others.. etc,,,

I will update for changes.. Don't hesitate to contact me :D

send in a FR or a message :P

Thank you!

added some additional stuffs to trade..

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All of them hehehe

I can get the fca girls for nefera and ghoulia

AJ said:

All of them hehehe

I can get sweet screams and I have fca operetta clothes and pd operetta clothes

well.... what would you like for DOTD ghoulia?? Like i said...I have just about most of your wants. PM me

AJ said:


it depends on what you are shipping, here in New Zealand pricedepends on the weight of the item your shipping :D

samanthacastle54 said:

How much do you think it is if I did a trade from New Jersey in the states? I have almost all of your wants and I really really want toralei pack, ghoulia and holt...


I will be updating stuff soon and will post new Items for trade

thank you!


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