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UPDATE: For Sale: Wave 1 Lagoona $30!!! SOLD!Toralei-SOLD, SDCC Scarah-SOLD, ETC!



I have decided to sell off some of my prized possessions so I can accumulate enough money to buy the sacred SDCC Ghoulia hehe ;P


  • SDCC Scarah Screams -  SOLD
  • Wave 1 Lagoona NIB - SOLD
  • Wave 1 Lagoona loose / displayed only. Complete except no pet/purse -  SOLD
  • Toralei NIB -  SOLD
  • Howleen/Clawdeen NIB (have 2 sets available) -  SOLD

I would prefer to ship only within the United States for these, but will consider everyone.  I have 100% positive feedback on here, EBay and on Facebook forums.  I can provide anyone with my feedback, just send me a PM.

Below is a picture of all of the items except Scarah. I am at work and can't get her picture at the moment, so I will take one tonight and add it to this thread.  The "HollyAnd Bryan" paper is my name on Facebook and this picture was originally intended for sales on facebook. Many of you on the facebook MH swap/sell forums probably know me.  I can take individual pictures with my name on it. I just didn't feel like re-stacking the boxes to show my name on this forum :)

I will not hold any items, I want to sell these ASAP so I can purchase the SDCC Ghoulia I have my eye on.  The only reason I am parting with these is so I can purchase her.  Anything not sold within 24 hours will go back to my secret stash space and I will fork over money out of my pocket for the remaining amount I need for Ghoulia.  Thank you! <3

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Interested in Jackson Lagoona and the wolf sisters.. Pm me please;)

PM sent :)

I will buy the loose Lagoona! PM or e-mail!

I will send you an email Selebis.  I need to see which Lagoona Shelby is interested in and then we can work it out :)

id like one set of the wolf sisters, please

Leeanne, I will PM you

Selebis, I sent you an email.  Thanks!


I was interested in the loose Lagoona if she's available.


Interested in NIB lagoona if you still have her available! :)

Christina, I will send you a PM! :)

BuMp - lowered the price on W1 Lagoona NIB - she is available still!

I will purchase w1 lagoona . I have the money avaliable asap on paypal


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