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Hi guys, don't know if you remember me I was on this forum around monster high's early boom in popularity where people raced to find the wave one spectra and Abby and they cost 500 bucks on eBay haha!

Anyway I've come to a point where I no longer am collecting MH dolls and I'm really trying to save money to buy myself a Hastune miku Xperia phone so I thought I might sell my collection to fans who can give them a good home.

I'm selling my dolls in sets of the doll, and what they come with, everything you see in the photo is what you get but some photos are missing a few items which are mentioned in the description. Please friend/pm me for better quality photos, questions etc i can negotiate also on price.

I can ship worldwide, I'm located in Australia, If you message I will find out a shipping price estimate make note that shipping may cost a bit if I ship it to the U.S. Or anywhere outside australia.


NEW IN BOX DOLLS: (feel free to negotiate price) pictures on request
Toralei original wave 1 first batch -$120
DOTD lagoona original version with DVD -$110
DOTD ghouls a original with DVD - $100
Sweet 1600 frankie original version - $50
wave one original 2010 box clawdeen - $150

I can sell all loose dolls etc together for $120 +shipping

Spectra original wave 1 and extra fashion -$ 15

Frankie original wave 1 with coffin bean outfit -$ 15

Draculaura dead tired wave 1 (hands a bit loose -$5

Cleo and Duce wave 1 (diaries and cleo's snake also included) -$25

Sweet 1600 clawd and draculaura with accesories -$30

Opperetta wave 1 -15

Wave 1 Abby -15

Sweet 1600 clawdeen (missing one hand ) -$6 - free with purchase of clawd and draculuara dolls.

Wave 2 schools out clawdeen -$10

Massive lot of lagoons clothes accesories ( full sets also includes a headless lagoona and her hard to get loose cowa Bunga hand! ) etc plus lagoona's bed fully works - $40 I can split this up into $20 lagoona clothes and $20 lagoona's bed.

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ill take operettas ring if youll sell it to me loose

my operetta did not come with a ring and that ticked me off. let me know.

Sorry! I'm only looking to sell the dolls together not bits of them individually.

Are sweet 1600 clawd and draculaura available still? Also the dead tired draculaura? Please let me know. Interested! :3 

Sorry for the late reply! Yes they are send me a request and pm if you want to discuss! :)
Interested in Spectra + outfit, Clawd and possibly some of Lagoona's clothes/accessories.
Would you be willing to sell Clawd separately?
Going to add you so that I can PM you for details later today. :)

Would you be willing to break up the lot of lagoona's clothes and only sell me a few? I'll friend request and PM you if you are willing.

Interested in Cleo, please message me!


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