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I wanted the Catacombs but didn't have the money to get one (nor the time to hunt for it) during the Christmas season. On Amazon, the Catacombs have skyrocketed to $250.00. 

HOWEVER. I today just walked in to a Kmart (that I don't usually visit) and there the Catacombs were, brand new-on the shelf for $109.00. 

I know that Kmart tends to buy "leftovers" from other stores and sells them, sometimes long after other stores have stopped. Big Lots also does this. 

If you are looking for the Catacombs, try searching either of these shops for the Catacombs and you may just be in luck.

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awesome.....thanks for that juicy tidbit....I had actually bought it during Christmas but I had to return cuz  I needed the $$$ for something else so I figured I would buy it later OR wait til it goes on sale like the original high school did but after I returned it, I never saw it again...CURSES!!! that's actually happened a few times Ghouls Alive Deuce and Toralei...I saw them one time.....and never saw them again after that.....Figured I would wait and get them later....wrong idea...same thing with Skull Shores Gil....Thank the Baby Jesus that I did buy him that time..

That's cool. I was able to find it on clearance at Target for 35 dollars months ago.


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