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So I was thinking this could be about cami and fern's life in crime

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((You wanna start? Also, thanks for making this ^^ ))
((No prob, I was hoping you would start))
((Not sure how to respond now, I guess I'll just be Cami? I'm gonna try out third person PoV.))
A brunette girl slipped through the many stands of street sellers, and snuck her right hand onto an apple. Her hand grasped the apple tightly, then she took a juicy chomp from it. It was red as blood, and no one saw her.
"Where to next?" Asked fern "we could go to the park, it's couples day there. Lets go ruin people's days" she added
Cami shifted slightly on her feet, and shrugged. "Fine by me." she replied, brushing her fingers through her hair.
"then off we go!" declared fern walked to her motorcycle parked on the curb. She tossed cami her extra helmet. "let's do that thing where you pull back a tree prance and them when you let it go it smacks some couple in the face!" fern cheered
Cami amirekd her signature one, and slipped on her helmet. "Let's do it." she replied.

"YES!" fern cheered


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