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Floridians, how is your search going for the new MH products? UPDATED as of 02/23/13


Hope this is helpful & Good Luck!



Scaris 2 pack Cleo and Lagoona:



Power Ghouls: (Target exclusive)

Daytona Beach

Port Orange











Catrine Demew: Walmart exclusive


Ormond Beach 

New Smyrna 

Port Orange

Daytona Beach 




Lake Worth


Orange city




Ghouls Alive:

Daytona Beach (Target, walmart)

Port Orange(Target)

Miami (TRU)



Fort Lauderdale (walmart)






Scaris budget line:

Daytona Beach (Target)

Port Charlotte (Kmart)

Altamonte (Justice, Walmart)

Fort Lauderdale (walmart)

Orange city (walmart)



Abbey's bed and Frankie's vanity:

Orlando (Walmart)

Altamonte (Walmart)





Ice/blob and mummy/gorgon CAM:

Pensacola (Target)



Werecat fearleading 3 pack: TRU exclusive

Port Charlotte 




Swim Class Draculaura, Venus, and Lagoona:

Lantana (Kmart)




Roller Maze Clawdeen:

Brandon (walmart)


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Lake mary target had roller maze, ghouls rule, and the SS 5 pack.
DeBary Walmart had one of the 3 pack DDG and the new mystic add on packs

darn myself for being broke, was oddly saddening to have to put the 3 pack down haha. Hopefully it went to a good home and not a scalper :)

Thank you for updated! && I'm sorry you  had to let got the three pack :( Hopefully, you'll get him soon. 

Updated list for Debary and Lake Mary areas

went by the NSB Walmart early this morning and they were resetting the mod, they had the MH High School playset, Ghoul's Rule, the Design Lab, a spot for the Roller Maze dolls (they didn't have any out though), and the Dot Dead Gorgeous 3 pack!! they also have a tag for Ghoul's Rule Abbey on the shelf so maybe they're going to be releasing her soon?

Good thinking!! Do we have any known scaplers that frequent this thread? I too have news but dont want to openly post it, I have a feeling that scalper you saw awhile back talking about cleaning out Port Charlotte saw my post about getting the ST dolls in PC :'(

Bobombinable said:

If anyone here is in the Brandon-North Tampa area and is looking for the Ghouls Rule Abbey, PM me. I don't want to put anything up here for the big bad lurkers but I have some info that *might* be able to help some of the good guys (and gals) out :)

Btw anyone still looking for Venus or Robecca??

The Walmart in OB had their reset today! Ghouls Rule, GR Abbey, Venus, Robecca, Roller Maze, CAM Lab and more all out on the shelves!

OMG I laughed so hard.

It was off the shelves today. I wonder if the workers finally figured it out that it was the wrong toy.

Bobombinable said:

I can just imagine the eBay listing now...

OMG WOW HTF RARE Monster High VARIANT! Mutated Wolf Abbey + variant arm angle Draculaura and Ghoulia!!! Don't miss this!!! Super rare collectors yellowcake uranium-rare once in a million lifetimes doll package...

...yet they have an item count of more than 5!

JemMH_Sister said:

I've heard the stories, I've seen the post, and I've even seen the losers trying to pass them off as 'rare miss-packaged dolls' on ebay. But I never thought I'd see it in person...

I kind of have to give it to this person. They are tied in their pretty great. I shook it and everything. And at least they picked the same characters? I dunno...I just couldn't stop laughing. I feel bad for the parent/grandparent/relative that buys it not knowing any better for a gift and must deal with the disappointed child.

Just wanted to post a picture of the GR dolls!

Great pic!

JemMH_Sister said:

Just wanted to post a picture of the GR dolls!

UPDATED LIST!!!! Alot of new finds in FL! 

If you think there is scalpers in your area. But you found a great find and want to help someone out. Then post like how Bobombinable did but on the Group page instead of this forum. That group is set on private. 

I got a friend that her daughter wants a MH doll so bad but she won't let her because you thinks it's just evil because all the skulls and what not -_-

Bobombinable said:

I went looking for the Kohl's exclusives yesterday in Tampa and the toy woman, while nice, sneered at me and said that she didn't "approve" of the dolls.

It was really off-putting. I guess she would rather I be buying the creepy looking Bratz dolls, perhaps? :)

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