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Like many posters here, my Cupid arrived with less than stellar hair. Here is the first half of my process in repairing it!


Part 1:

Part 2:


The second half will be posted tomorrow after her hair dries, of course, but I don't want to repost an entire blog post here, so if you happen to read it and see anything I can I differently, please let me know!


Here's the repaint. It's pretty sloppy, but I guess it's pretty cute. :)




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I'll be reading it, i found it very interesting =) can't wait!

Well, it's a bit better now, but it's still not right, so it's time to bust out the tea pot again and get some water boiling!




She's finished! It's fluffier than I wanted, but honestly it's a whole lot better than she was. Not bad for a first time trying to perm a doll, eh? ;D


Here is the link to the full part two of the epic story!



Shes really pretty and cant wait too see more on the dolls


Here's another picture, in addition to the one in the first post!




oh wow, she's sorta creepy, is she supposed to be a demon? you did an awesome job though!

Oh, sorry, I was tired when I posted, I think.

She's a black eyed child. They look like normal children in normal clothes, until they approach you. They usually try to distract you from looking at their eyes, but something feels "off" about them.

The children try to ask you for a ride somewhere, or if they can come inside to use your phone. Anything that would convince you to invite them in. No one knows what happens if you do invite them, but in the stories people have told about meeting them, the children become very angry and pushy once you don't let them in. 

No one knows if they're demons or vampires, but the feeling people who meet them have is that if they'd invited them inside, the children would have killed them.

whoah, that's really nifty, aha. Super creepy though, i dig it :D

shes agly but she looks like ghoulia dieing and with out glasses


umm.. cool

I love this! 

Your work is very neat and professional looking, and you carried the theme off well.

You've fleshed out her character with an interesting little bio but it's those little touches that make it so much better.

Well done and I do hope you produce more work of this standard, can't wait to see :3

'Lili Is Cool' - That response was particularly rude. If you don't like something and think it's ugly then DON'T look at it, and don't comment. You're entitled to your own opinions of course, but don't be rude :\

It's hurtful to someone who's worked hard. Keep your insults to yourself as we modders and customisers are only looking for constructive criticism. 

Also, Ghoulia is already dead, because, ya'no, she's a zombie.

Lili is cool ! ( funny lulu ) said:

shes agly but she looks like ghoulia dieing and with out glasses



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