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Okay, so this is a game created by Electra. Basically, your OC answers five questions and gives five questions in return. It's really fun, but it got deleted, so I'm restarting it.


Basic rules apply

Answer as your OC. Use the same OC for every single question and remember that the questions asked will also be from your OC

No canon charries can answer questions unless your someone who works for Mattel


I'll start:

1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

2. Do you believe in magic?

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

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for Raggety Andrea

1.Yes, but...okay, I do. A lot.

2.I th-th-th-think it m-means "Do you love yourself?"

3.Yes, if they have more than 2 colors.

4. No, there are no such things as cannibal cows.

5.They have more than two colors, right? Of course. I'm not a dum-dum(LOL).

Alice said:

1Don't have one
2: Yes
3: yes
4: possibly
5: squid

1:Doth thou love thyself
2:Could you figure that first question out
3:Do you eat bananas
4:Do Cows eat hamburger?
5:Do you?

1.Eddie Kruger(Another one of mine, nobody has seen him yet). He's my boyfriend! 
2.Yes, especially if they're dresses for my friends.

3. Yes especially Clawculus.



MLP Rocks! (AGL) said:


1. Yes.

2. No. and even when I try, they sound terrible

3. Yes. Meet me in everything else category ;)

4. Yes. Mwa Ha Ha!

5. Stalk boys and try to get one to like me.

1. Who is your best (OC) friend?

2. Do you like making crafts?

3. Do you suck at Math?

4. Are you here just to put the stupidest answers ever?

5. What is the cutest baby animal ever?


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