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Okay, so this is a game created by Electra. Basically, your OC answers five questions and gives five questions in return. It's really fun, but it got deleted, so I'm restarting it.


Basic rules apply

Answer as your OC. Use the same OC for every single question and remember that the questions asked will also be from your OC

No canon charries can answer questions unless your someone who works for Mattel


I'll start:

1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

2. Do you believe in magic?

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

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(Psst, it's "Et tu, Brute" because the vocative case effects names ending in -us)


1. No.

2. They're people. It's what they do.

3. All stereotypes have some truth in them, I guess, but ghouls don't have to fit them.

4. Whatever floats your boat.

5. It's "Brute" not "Brutus", due to the vocative case altering words ending in "-us"


1. Are you a stickler for the rules?

2. Do you consider yourself hot tempered?

3. Archery or fencing?

4. Does your family have any standards you feel you need to live up to?

5. Do you have friends that classify as a long lost sibling?

((Honest mistake on my half. I'm in second year Latin, and we have only covered nominative, accusative and dative noun endings.))


1. Yes! Rules are super important!

2. Not at all!

3. I'm not allowed to handle dangerous items.

4. Dad does have some rules, and I always follow them.

5. Nope.


1. Do you like candy?

2. What's your favourite candy?

3. What's your favourite colour?

4. Why are my questions so boring?

5. Favourite movie?

Jade Dragonne [She's rather blunt, so don't be offended. XDDD]


1. Do you like candy?

I guess.....

2. What's your favourite candy?

Does your soul count? Muahahahaha. *Spits fire*

3. What's your favourite colour?

Green, FTW!

4. Why are my questions so boring?

Maybe because YOU are boring?

5. Favourite movie?

I'm not sure.


1) Can you fly?

2) Do you ever speak in Olde English?

3) Do you have the ability to run quickly, or are you a slow-poke?

4) Why did you step on my tail last Thursday in the hall? *evil-glare*

5) any monster you have a crush on?


GTHO. - Jade

1. Yep.
2. Tis fun.
3. I run quickly, but its not really a ability...
4. I felt like it.
5. Yep. Not telling.
1. Coke or pepsi?
2. Would you rather live in the city or in the country?
3. Opinion on school?
4. Favorite teacher?
5. Have you ever pranked someone so badly that they hate you for it?
((Don't forget to put your OC name on top.))
1. Pepsi.
2. In the city, definitely.
3. It's tolerable, I guess.
4. Don't really have one.
5. I don't do pranks.
1. Tea or coffee?
2. Cookies or cake?
4. Poetry or short stories?
3. Did you notice that I swapped 4 and 3 around?
5. I bet you just checked now. Sorry. This isn't really a question, is it?


1. Tea or coffee?

~Hmm, depends on the day and situation. I appreciate the sublime tastes of both.
2. Cookies or cake?

~ Again, depends. Though I will say English teatime cookies and cake are way more refined than any homemade cookies or birthday cake you find for children.
4. Poetry or short stories?

~ Mr. (Norbert's last name), why must all your questions deal with choosing between two perfectly good alternatives?
3. Did you notice that I swapped 4 and 3 around?

~ purposely left a blaring error? And yes, it was so blatant my eye started twitching  as soon as I saw it. ((AN: She/I didn’t see it.))
5. I bet you just checked now. Sorry. This isn't really a question, is it?

No, it is not. Go back to your grammar class.


1. Do you prefer Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, or… *wrinkles nose at the thought* “manga”?

2. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

3. What do you believe to be the most valuable artifact in the world? Does anyone own it?

4. Classiest color?

5. Will you ever pick up a decent book and read it? And no, I do not mean merely looking at the pretty illustrations.

((His name is Dragonnee. Not related to Rayne's Jade Dragonne, but he is related to ALittleRiddle's Jade Dragonnee and Demo's Drake Dragonne.))
1. The two Inklings, hands down!
2. A million dollars, huh? Uh, I honestly dunno.
3. This question makes me indecisive.
4. I like green.
5. Yes, I do that a lot. Although sometimes I get distracted by the internet. And sometimes the book distracts me from the internet. It's kinda weird.
1. Do you have a favourite author at the moment?
2. Do you prefer Reddit, or do you prefer Tumblr.
3. Why is the world such a horrible place.
4. Do you like tacos?
5. If you were a character in LOTR, who would you be?


1. Do you have a favourite author at the moment?

- Any with good treasure maps? *cheeky grin*
2. Do you prefer Reddit, or do you prefer Tumblr.

- What? Rabbit or Tumble? What kind of question is that?
3. Why is the world such a horrible place.

- I vaguely remember reading in Greece that it's due to Pandora opening a box (and sometimes I think Dori and Jes came out of said box...) 
4. Do you like tacos?

- They're not bad, but depends on how they're done. Ever heard of "tripitas"*? Warning: they're nasty. *gags*
5. If you were a character in LOTR, who would you be?

I know Krafty would want me to say Legolas, but I'll be honest for once. If we're basing soley on the character, I'd say Merry; if we're basing on their relationships with others, I'd say Frodo (and Fel as Sam).


1. I'm feeling just a tad hungry; you willing to give a pint of blood to a friend in need?

2. Perhaps a pint of rum?

3. What's your favorite place in the world?

4. If I messed with your true love jokingly, would you hate me for life? <.< ((AN: Ari made a mistake with her BFF lately and it's got her torn.))

5. Would there be anything I could do to save our friendship after such a thing?

*Tripitas = tripe @_@


1. I think Dad has a couple bottles of blood that he uses to make vampire treats! I'll see if I can get you any, Ari!

2. Dad doesn't let me handle alcoholic drinks, sorry.

3. The shop, aka my home!

4. I don't have a true love in the true love person sense. But I do have a love, and it's our family tradition of candy making. If you destroy our candy making tradition I would probably hate you but you're my friend so I don't think you would do that.

5. You wouldn't do such a thing, though! 


1. Do you like candy? 

2. What's your favourite kind of candy? 

3. Do you prefer to write or draw?

4. Do you prefer to dance or sing?

5. Why am I running out of questions? Help.


1. Certain types.

2. Um, I like caramel.

3. Drawing. Especially painting.

4. Dancing.

5. I don't know..?


1. Where are you from? Where is your family from?

2. If you're not already one, what animal would you be?

3. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?

4. Baggy clothes or fitted ones?

5. Are you more introverted or extroverted?


1. She's not even a good singer.

2. Nope

3. See above.

4. That song is moronic. Why should I?

5. I'd like to see you try.


1. Are you a good singer?

2. Have you ever been homeschooled?

3. Do you enjoy being outdoors?

4. Do you consider yourself a good leader?

5. Describe your diet.

1.) Yeah. At least I'm told I am. So...maybe?
2.) Nope.
3.) Dolphinately. ((Definitely.))
4.) Uhm...I'm told I am, but I'm not too sure...
5.) What I'm in the mood to eat.
1.) Do you like puns?
2.) What is the most annoying phrase you've heard?
3.) What is the most annoying song ever?
4.) Do you like the thrift shop song?
5.) Tobuscus or PewDiePie?


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