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Okay, so this is a game created by Electra. Basically, your OC answers five questions and gives five questions in return. It's really fun, but it got deleted, so I'm restarting it.


Basic rules apply

Answer as your OC. Use the same OC for every single question and remember that the questions asked will also be from your OC

No canon charries can answer questions unless your someone who works for Mattel


I'll start:

1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

2. Do you believe in magic?

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

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1. Depends.

2. I honestly don't know.

3. Call Me Maybe

4. Never heard it.

5. I can't answer this question. They're both so epic!


1. What's your favorite meme?

2. Smosh or Tobuscus?

3. Do you like being indoors or outdoors?

4. Do you like Vocaloid?

5. If so, what is your favorite song?

1.) I love them all.
2.) Tobuscus. I have a sweater as proof.
3.) Outdoors, definitely outdoors.
4.) Yes.
5.) "Alluring Secret, Black Vow". It kinda fits me.
1.) Would get mad if I answered you in puns?
2.) Are you fluent in sarcasm?
3.) Would you hug Slenderman?
4.) Do you like the movie Hotel Transylvania?
5.) Is pie edible magic?


1. No.

2. Vanilla, probably.

3. Yes, yes I do.

4. Anyone who attacks me.

5. Yeah, I am. Maybe some blood? :3


1. Have you ever played the game "Slender: HAUNT"?

2. What was your reaction when you played Slender for the first time (if you did, anyway)?

3. What's your favorite song?

4. PewDiePie or CharlieIsSoCoolLike?

5. How many OCs so you have?

1.) I think so...
2.) I laughed really hard. Thats nothing like the real Slenderman.
3.) "Alluring Secret, Black Vow". It fits me and it's catchy. I like it.
4.) PewDiePie.
5.) Uhm... I don't have OCs. I am an OC, according to my creator.
1.) Thoughts on your creator?
2.) Biggest pet pevee?
3.) Most annoying person?
4.) Do you have a crush?
5.) If so, who?
1. She's cool. She's also annoying, talks a lot, and enjoys writing AUs.
2. It changes every day, I swear! Right now, it's wasps. They're hella annoying.
3. You're pretty annoying at the moment, so let's just go for that.
4. Yes.
5. It's an orange flavoured drink.... OH RIGHT YOU MEAN THE OTHER MEANING. No, I actually don't. Not at the moment.
1. Alternative rock or rap?
2. Do you read rage comics on a daily basis?
3. Has one of your friends ever tried to convert you to their fandom?
4. Did they succeed?
5. Shuffle to a random song in your music collection. At 'in my pants' to the end of it. What is your result?
1.) Natural.
3.) Hmm. Depends on the mood. I like wearing skirts like the Vocaloid Luka a lot.
4.) Uhm...I have no clue?
5.) No favorite. I like em all.
1.) Favorite animal?
2.) The age old question: favorite color?
3.) Favorite ice cream?
4.) Lucky number?
5.) Lucky charm? Not the cereal, by the way.
1.) I like it, I guess.
2.) Silver.
3.) I get a new bed.
4.) I make you give me replacement cookies.
5.) I go to your funeral.
1.) Cookies or pie?
2.) Pie or cake?
3.) Cake or cookies?
4.) Are cupcakes stuck up muffins?
5.) Which came first, the muffin or the cupcake?
((don't forget to put your OC's names.))
1. Cookies
2. Cookies
3. Muffins
4. Cupcakes.
5. Muffins. And what is up with all your unoriginal questions?
1. Is it difficult to think of questions for these things?
2. Have you ever read a badly written fanfiction that wasn't even 500 words long and facepalmed so hard?
3. Do you have a guilty obsession with a band or musician?
4. Who is it?
5. Why is the obsession guilty?
1.) Not at all.
2.) Yes.
3.) It's an obsession, yet not a guilty one.
4.) Vocaloids.
5.) As I said before, it's just an obsession.
1.) Would you rather go to Monster or Merston((hope I spelled it right xD)) High?
2.) Why?
3.) Would you rather be friends with an original angel or an original Weeping Angel?
4.) On a scale of one to ten, how awesome are Weeping Angels?
5.) Would you hug a Weeping Angel?

Seraphina (and her whiteboard)

1. Monster High, undoubtedly.

2. Merston High is rather close-minded and would require me to where a disguise.

3. Well...

4. ...

5. An angel's powers do not effect another angel, so I wouldn't mind. Plus I hug Cassiel on a regular basis, which is proof of this.


1. Do you need to wear glasses?

2. Are you normally quiet?

3. Is their a consistent style to you clothes? (Ex. bows, certain patterns or eras)

4. Are you expressive or do you usually bottle up your emotions?

5. Procrastinator?

Cheyenne((Daughter of the Cheshire Cat))
1.) Thankfully, no.
2.) I have no normal preferences, so when I want to speak my mind, it's spoken. Otherwise, I'm quiet.
3.) No. Explanation above.
4.) Depends on my mood.
5.) Depends.
1.) Most annoying action?
2.) Most annoying song?
3.) Most annoying animal?
4.) Most annoying place?
5.) Most annoying person? (You better not say me. -_-)
Fawna Cattail
1. People playing paper football
2. Anything by Justin beiber or one direction
3. Those cute dogs that always run up to you and are all happy in your face
4. At an awards ceremony, those are lame
5. You, JK! probably Kat
1. What do you really wanna do before you die
2. Will you make me a sandwich
3. Why are things at renaissance fairs so damn expensive
4. Do you play any instruments, if so which
5. What is your opinion on my If you know me, or who do you think I am if you don't


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