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Okay, so this is a game created by Electra. Basically, your OC answers five questions and gives five questions in return. It's really fun, but it got deleted, so I'm restarting it.


Basic rules apply

Answer as your OC. Use the same OC for every single question and remember that the questions asked will also be from your OC

No canon charries can answer questions unless your someone who works for Mattel


I'll start:

1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

2. Do you believe in magic?

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

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I'll join in! This sounds like fun! I'll do Chessa Shire >:D Though, Rayne might have to come in and photobomb. XD


1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

*Puts on Harry Potter glasses and rambles on and on about quantum physics and her beliefs*

2. Do you believe in magic?

Nyannyanyannyannyan. YES.

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

Bahahahahahahaa! Oh, I can't even. XD

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

Invisibilly <3 He's my boyfriend :)

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

Wut?! Where?! Who?! It is foooood?!


1) What is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you?

2) What is your best subject?

3) what MH Student do you loathe the most?

4) Why?

5) Do you like tacos?


Chessa, signing off :)

((By the way, Rayne, was it you or Chessa who didn't spot the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference?))


1. Why think of things as embarrassing when you can laugh them off and make people think you're hilarious?

2. Horticulture. 

3. LOVE AND TOLERATE PEOPLEZ! *waves random hippie banner* Eh, other than that, people who don't like me? I don't really like people who don't like me. Or my jokes.

4. See above. 

5. Tacos are brilliant.


1. Can you moonwalk?

2. Favourite rock band?

3. Favourite pop band?

4. That said, do you like rock music or pop music? (My author and I think rock music is better)

5. Could you simply walk into Mordor?

I'll be answering as Jenny

1. Can you moonwalk?


2. Favourite rock band?

Weird Howl Moonovic easily!

3. Favourite pop band?

See above. Can he count for both?

4. That said, do you like rock music or pop music? (My author and I think rock music is better)

They're mostly good if it's not crud like Biter.

5. Could you simply walk into Mordor?

Walk? Who simply walks into Mordor when you can strut?


  1. What do you think of snowball fights?
  2. Do you keep a stash/collection/hoard of candy or junk food?
  3. What is your preferred seating, eg; beanbag, couch etc
  4. What's the weirdest thing you've worn in public?
  5. Have you ever cosplayed?

2. Yup. It's hidden in my guitar case. NO ONE SHALL EVER KNOW. Oh wait, I just spilt my secret. I shall change my hiding place! Later!
3. On a tree? I like trees. Trees are cool.
4. I went around as a centurion once.
5. Said centurion outfit was for my Rory cosplay. He's my favourite companion in new!DoctorWho.
1. Would you eat 3.1415926?
2. That said, how many digits can you recite to?
3. Pick a fandom, any fandom.
4. What is your favourite shipping in said fandom?
5. What shipping would you condemn to hell in that fandom?

I'll go with Maibe.

1. Pi? Uh, no thanks.

2. I dunno. Never tried.

3. Scylar recently got me into this show, Grimm. Let's go with that.

4. Monroe and Rosalee, I guess. Kind of reminds me of me and Charles.

5. Captain Renard and Juliette. Pretty sure they already have been condemned.


1. What would you think of someone making a doll of you?

2. What's your ideal house? Ex. tree house, boat house, etc.

3. What letter doesn't exist in the Latin alphabet? What letter was added in the middle ages?

4. If you could be a (in this case, not so) mythological creature, what would you be?

5. Do you know anyone who is that creature?


1. That would be kinda creepy.

2. It would have a glass roof so I could see the sky but other than that, I don't know.

3. I'm pretty convinced "u" and "j" were added after the Romans.

4. I dunno. I actually like being myself.

5. See above.


1. Do you have a favourite constellation?

2. Have ever laughed so hard that you fell off your seat?

3. Have you ever tried eating snow?

4. Are you convinced that one of your friends is trying to ship you with another friend?

5. Do you like Doctor Who? Which regeneration of the Doctor is your favourite?

(It's w that didn't exist. J was added later)
1. Uh, cold, I suppose. I spend lots of my time ice skating, so I'm used to it.
2. Well, my entire family collects mirrors. I doubt that that's a common hobby.
3. Mint, probably.
4. I'm quite fond of red velvet.
5. Probably afternoon tea times with my mother in the garden.
1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
2. Which MH teacher do you like the most?
3. That said, which do you hate?
4. Favorite type of candy?
5. What is the answer to the universe?
Lets do Miranda
1) Stonehenge

2)I don't go to MH, but my fav teacher at Spellmore (wizard school that she DOES go to) is probably professor Sickleflor

3) at Spellmore Sir Buttonlace (or buttface as we call him) is the worst

4) fav candy is probabably candied toads eye on a stick

5) the answer to the universe, hmm, I don't think I learn that till me t semester
1) Are you wearing pants?
2) Why are you wearing pants?
3) Are you single?
4) Do you like waffles?
5) Do you think unicorns are good kissers?

Let's do Cami.

1) Yes, yes I am.

2) Because, they were the only things in my closet I liked...?

3) Eh, fortunately, yes.

4) Dear mother of sweets, of course I do!

5) Never kissed one. But my best friend did!


1) Are you bilingual?

2) What is your gender?

3) Do you find Limburger cheese disgusting?

4) Will you give random people cookies?

5) Do you like sparkly, pink, fluffy unicorns?


1. Every few months, Mor and I gather up old clothes and donate them.

2. I dun have any siblings, so no.

3. Yes.

4. Because it's cold.

5. No.


1. Favorite movie genre?

2. What country are you from?

3. You're given a million dollars to use for anything for a day. What do you do?

4. Do you have any phobias?

5. Have you ever been hugged by a stranger randomly in public?

I'll be doing my new OC, Ferra Neigemore (fehr-uh neh-sshj-mor) She needs some developing. So. It is FERRA answering, not Rayne, or anyone else >_/p>

1. Do you like Lord Of The Rings?

I am too civilized to like... nerdery like that.

2. Do you like The Hobbit?

See above.

3. Do you believe in mystical creatures, like fairies or something like that?

Pfftch. I AM a fairy. So...yes.

4. Do you collect stuff?

Ice Sculptures and Paintings...and ancient books...

5. Do you like the pop genre of music?

Anything but Justin Biter or One Derption. (One Direction)


1) Do you like grapes?

2) Do you have any extra digits? (fingers or toes)

3) Can you climb stuff well?

4) Do you like orange cream soda?

5) Or are you a sugar nazi?


Farewell ~ Ferra Neigemore


1. Hell yeah! 

2. Both the book and movie? Yup.

3. Uh... I go to Monster High, right?

4. Random quotes, witty sayings, skateboards...

5. I like it, but it's like scissors. It always loses to rock.


1. If you could cosplay as anyone, who would you cosplay?

2. Have you and your best friend ever swapped names for a substitue teacher?

3. Did the whole class go along with it?

4. Did the sub believe you?

5. Do you find the questions about life harder to answer than random questions?


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