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Okay, so this is a game created by Electra. Basically, your OC answers five questions and gives five questions in return. It's really fun, but it got deleted, so I'm restarting it.


Basic rules apply

Answer as your OC. Use the same OC for every single question and remember that the questions asked will also be from your OC

No canon charries can answer questions unless your someone who works for Mattel


I'll start:

1. What is the life, the universe and everything?

2. Do you believe in magic?

3. Calculus or Statistics? (at a upper high school level)

4. Do you have a crush/are you dating anyone?

5. Hey look! A distraction! Your reactions?

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1.) Many things.
2.) No.
3.) I'll tell you as soon as I figure that out myself.
4.) Yes, percussion.
5.) I think you are an awesome purrson.
1.) What is your favorite pie?
2.) What is your favorite color?
3.) What is your favorite candy?
4.) Who is your crush if you have one?
5.) How would you approach your crush if you found out they like you?
1. Boston cream
2. Either black or green
3. Twizzlers
4. My boyfriend Delta ((he's Riley's))
5. I would totally go sixteen candles
1. Why won't you make me a sandwich
2. Who do you have an awkward relationship with ((ei. Fawna and Dylan, jake and Kat, Ella and Prizm))
3. Biggest fight you been in at school
4. Who was the fight with
5. No will you make me a sandwich
1.) What is your favorite hairstyle?
2.) What is your favorite article of clothing?
3.) Do you have a favorite genre of music? If so, pray tell.
4.) Have you seen any normie "horror" movies?
5.) If so, what was your favorite?


1. Who's your crush?

- Uh, no, definitely not answering this one. Only a few close friends are privy to that information.

2. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

- Nope! Free as a bird!
3. Do you think dolphins are gay sharks?

- What? Bloody hell girl, dolphins are dolphins! And mean enough in their own right when they want to be. So no, not "gay sharks" as you so wrongly called them.

4. Do you believe the voices?

- *glances around* What voices? If you be referring to sirens, then hell no. Those things are lying witches - that don't bother me due to my gender. XD

5. What is your name?

- *sarcastically* Jack Sparrow - Captain Jack Sparrow


1. Ever traveled abroad?

2. Would you say you and/or your family is wealthy?

3. Do you have a childhood toy you secretly or not-so-secretly still love? Though if you're Jes, you don't need to answer - I already know. XD

4. Ever been in trouble with the law? Want to?

5. Know somebody you'd do anything for?


((AN: Remember, she's a pirate...))

1. yes

2. VERY!

3. My first want, from the old cedar tree in the gardens outside the palace back on stellamoura

4. Yes actually i have, of course that was when the rebels took over and made up their own laws, but then power was restored as the oligarchy took back their rightful place

5. Yes.


1. Do you think i'd make a good leader?

2. Are you going to mock my british accent now?

3. If you could go anywhere at all with ony one other person where would you go and who would you take with you?

4.Canon MH student that you hate

5. Do you ship EVERYTHING in the four quadrants?

1.) No further comments.
2.) I like a lot of them, so...tough question.
3.) The City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare or someone like that. *grins sheepishly*
4.) I don't really like musicals...
5.) Witch Hunt, English dub by JubyPhonicsP.
1.) Favorite pie?
2.) Is Pluto a planet?
3.) Explain reasoning.
4.) Favorite planet otherwise?
5.) Greek or Egyptian gods?
1. The 3.14 one because pie is disgusting.
2. Yes it is!
3. If it's not a planet, then my dad's not an Olympian!
4. Uranus. *gigglesnot* It's gassy.
5. I nominate myself for Greek!
1. Do you know a language apart from English?
2. Is there anyone that inspires you?
3. What was the last movie you watched?
4. Opinions on that weird internet fandom called bronies?
5. Red Velvet Cake?


1. Do you know a language apart from English?

~ Yes, many actually. I currently know Latin, French, and I am currently in-process with learning Spanish. Quite troublesome getting the accent down. *Ari laughing her head off in the background* Fermer la bouche, Furey!*
2. Is there anyone that inspires you?

~ I always did adore Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci and the like. Great artistic virtuoso's such as these always inspire me.
3. What was the last movie you watched?

~ I prefer books over movies, so I'l go with that. The last book I read was The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis; quite the interesting and intellectual read.
4. Opinions on that weird internet fandom called bronies?

~ I'm sorry, but you failed miserably in your spelling - it's "brownies". Why people have a fandom for such an unhealthy, yet delicious, food is beyond me. And now you have put me in the mood for some; be a dear and go ask the servants to bake some for me?
5. Red Velvet Cake?

~ I guess? As long as it is done nicely and not from those homemade mix-from-a-box abominations. It must be done fresh from scratch to even have a chance at tasting good. The frosting and decorations also make or break it all for me.

*((AN: Yeah, I could see Dori trying to learn Spanish, but her European/British accent getting in the way. I'm telling you, it's hysterical yet cringe-worthy to hear some people try to speak Spanish in the choppy "white" way... though kudos to them for actually taking the time to learn it.

Also, fermer la bouche means shut your mouth in French.))


1. Have you ever ridden a horse? I'm referring to proper horsemanship, not that whoopdeedoo reckless cowboy stuff.

2. Do you prefer cats, dogs or birds and why?

3. An individual offers you more tea, but you're finished. What is the proper way to say 'no more'?

4. Would you say you're a skilled artist?

5. What would be your ideal pastime?


1. Yes, I have been riding horses since i was like 8

2. Birds, i just love falconing. Very fun

3. In my family we turn our cups upside down on our saucers

4. Heavens no!

5. Hm, i have a few. Hunting, horseback riding, jousting, fencing, Dancing, cooking, reading, writing, studying magic... the list could go on!


1. Have you ever been on a yacht?

2. Do you like sushi

3. Are you a theater fan

4. What wuld you do if your best friend wanted to be the comander of your country's army and you were heir/heiress to the throne

5. Are you allergic to fairy dust


1.) Yeah. Like, EVERY DAY.
2.) A bunch of Chey's eyes in the sky.
3.) A disgusting scent.
4.) Music is release and distraction from life.
5.) Cold, wet, and soft all in one.
1.) Why are some of these questions stupid?
2.) Markers or crayons?
3.) Would you want to get married to anyone but who you're crushing/dating/wed to now?
4.) Why does the word "onomatopoeia" sound nothing like how it's spelled?
((N.F, bump the RP please. xD))
1. There's too many to decide!
2. No, I can't afford one.
3. What the hell is a TV show?
4. Depends on your definition of 'phobias'?
5. hmmm... Chocolate.
1. What is the thing you hate the most?
2. Am I handsome?
3. Have you have kissed a ghoul/boo?
4. What are your school grades like?
5. Favourite band?


1. Hate is a bit of a strong word, don't you think?

2. Well, I've never seen you.

3. When I was like ten and we were playing truth or scare on the slayground.

4. I like to think I do relatively well in my classes.

5. I've never been good with naming favourites, especially when it comes to boo-sic.


1. Are you the type to believe in star signs and horrorscopes?

2. If so, what's yours?

3. What colour's your hair? Would/have you colour it given the chance?

4. Do you tend towards more fancy clothing or more casual clothing for your everyday wear?

5. I've run out of questions, so what's your favourite colour?


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