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They are all in their own box still and have never been played with, but a couple of the boxes do look a bit worn due to being in storage and from moving so many times.

If you are interested in buying a few I could give you a bundle price depending on which dolls you would like to purchase.

2009 Lagoona Blue 

2009 Frankie Stein

2009 Clawdeen Wolf

2010 Spectra Vandergiest

2011 Abbey Bominable

2011 Operetta

2011 Nefera De Nile

2011 Toralei  

If you would like pictures of certain dolls, let me know and I will gladly send you some of the ones you're interested in.

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How much do you want for Lagoona Blue and Abbey Bominable? 

$115 for both. Would you like pictures?

Hi, I want to buy Spectra, Abbey, Operetta and Toralei. How much do you want for them?

$200 for all 4. I'll ship it to you at ni extra cost.
E-mail me if you are serious about purchasing those 4 dolls. If you would like pictures of them let me know through E-mail. Thank you have a great day!

I have mailed you please check your inbox :)

Hi Melanie! Thank you for still being interested in the dolls! Unfortunately I did not recieve your email. You might want to check the spelling, there might have been a typo?

Hi, yes I'm interested in buying them, yes that's the email I mailed you..idk what's wrong than.

You should try sending me an email

My E-mail:

I just emailed you. I hope it does find its way to you.

Yes I've received it :D

Hi there! I emailed those pictures to you a few days ago but haven't heard back from you yet. Just trying to see if you were still interested in buying them? Please let me know! Thank you!! :)

I'm so so sorry I was so busy that I didn't even checked my mail, I just saw your email, pictures are good.

I've sent you a Mail :) Thank you for those pictures!


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