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Where can I get the first wave/first edition Monster High dolls? I ESPECIALLY need Clawdeen and Holt.The others ones I can find on eBay and can buy easier than them. PLEASE HELP

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Not only are the first wave of the MH dolls are hard to find, you need the rarest two. These are also the dolls I need to complete my collection, so just from my one month of experience, I can give you this advice:

1) Stalk this forum. Occasionally someone sells their collection that includes the first wave dolls, but you have to be first, and to be first you have to be obsessed.

2) Get something really rare to trade. Right now people want Howleen, Spectra, Gil, or the Werecat twins, but they won't really trade for anything that they don't consider as rare as whatever you want. 

3) Join a LiveJournal or tumblr or some other forum/Internet account with other MH lovers. This is just one of many sites, and in my personal experience, this site is more for trading for something of equal value than just helping a collector collect. 

4) Don't give up! Seriously, I bought a Wave 1 Lagoona and Gil from this site, you really do just need to be persistent and patient.

I found my Holt at Wilkinsons, my original Frankie at Toyz And Gamez and my original Draculaura for £35 on after searching at 11pm!!! Keep your eyes open and they will be yours :) x

Thanks! I'll keep looking here so don't stop commenting! I need all the first wave dolls except Ghoulia and maybe Cleo. Deuce broke because of rough sisters. So did Clawdeen, Frankie, and Gloom Beach Clawdeen. I need to buy back a lot of my collection. @ Essence Beasley I don't think trading is safe but thank you! eBay's starting to help.

do any of you know any body willing to sell a first wave gloom beach clawdeen for a cheap price it doesn't even matter if the hair is messed up or any thing and by cheap i mean like 10-15$

hey broken are your dolls?I need Clawdeen's legs.I'm in the US.I have Paypal.

I dont consider Spectra and Holt rare, being in australia they came out later than America so I got my hands on both of them. But like you I am looking for a Clawdeen wave one, she is the only one I am missing from Wave 1. They have some on ebay but for a very high price. But I guess it might be worth it.

Sorry I don't sell

If your still looking they have wave 1 clawdeen on Amazon for 30$.


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