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So I'd stopped by the local Wal-Mart last week since I'd seen the Ghouls Rule Cleo and Abbey dolls there and I finally had the money to get one. Looking around I found Abbey at the end of the display near the bottom and picked her up. When I looked up again I spotted a peek at a doll that was unmistakably a Lagoona, and I knew that it wasn't her DDG or Swim doll. It was behind some Picture Day boxes and I thought 'That's weird, Picture Day Lagoona's not out yet here, wonder what doll that is'...Well I grabbed it, and it was the School's Out Lagoona! It was the only one of the School's Out/Wave 2 dolls there, I wonder why? In any case, I made a dash to the checkout with her in hand. XD

Has something like this happened to anyone else here before? 

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I was able to get a Nefera at Justice today... box was a bit dinged up so I could only assume it was sitting in the back for awhile... I was thrilled since I had been looking for her on Ebay for awhile and getting outbid alot..

Just went to Barnes and Nobles today and to my surprise saw a couple basic Robecca's.. and a School's Out Lagoona! And a basic Abbey! Perhaps it's true; old stock IS being put out.

In the uk weve just had (at tru anyway) a drop of operetra/ nefera , so i nabbed a nefera for future trade.

Stopped by a few local stores today and was very suprised to find 2 basic Operettas, 1 basic Abbey, and a Nefra at Walmart. I picked up the Nefra for possible sale or trade. Also stopped at Target and found 1 basic Operetta and a basic Venus on the shelf. Had me searching for a Toralei.....LOL!.....but no luck. I guess these stores are cleaning out old stock and getting ready for new product! Soon I hope.....getting bored.


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