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So I'd stopped by the local Wal-Mart last week since I'd seen the Ghouls Rule Cleo and Abbey dolls there and I finally had the money to get one. Looking around I found Abbey at the end of the display near the bottom and picked her up. When I looked up again I spotted a peek at a doll that was unmistakably a Lagoona, and I knew that it wasn't her DDG or Swim doll. It was behind some Picture Day boxes and I thought 'That's weird, Picture Day Lagoona's not out yet here, wonder what doll that is'...Well I grabbed it, and it was the School's Out Lagoona! It was the only one of the School's Out/Wave 2 dolls there, I wonder why? In any case, I made a dash to the checkout with her in hand. XD

Has something like this happened to anyone else here before? 

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Last year I went to Toysrus to buy the Sweet 1600 Cupid, and found Wave 1 Draculaura , at first I thought it was a re-release it didn't matter to me because at that time I didn't have any wave 1 dolls , so I bought her, after examining the doll she had the gold elastic attaching her legs,, needless to say I was very happy, plus she was on clearance.

There was a member that made a post in here a few days ago saying that she was able to purchase a Sweet 1600 Clawd at Kmart. She had stated that one of the employees there said that they were putting old layaway items back on the shelves.

Might be a similar case here :)

My Meijer is loaded with schools out lagoona, I never seen her at walmart.

I found Sweet 1600 Clawd at a Target a month or so ago.

Well I did find Room to Howl, with clawdeen doll at Meijer for 29.99 about a month ago. She has been off shelves for a while.

My local Barnes & Noble had the classroom Frankie with the locker today! :)

I don't know how old she is (I'm pretty new to collecting), but I found the Classroom/Dodgeball Ghoulia a few weeks ago at WalMart. Made my day. :)

I've seen nothing but the Sweet 1600 Lala, Clawdeen, and Frankie lately, as well as the Ghouls Rule Lala, Frankie, Clawdeen, Cleo, and Abbey (the ones with the masks. I think that's the name of the line), so the Ghoulia was a nice surprise.

Just an FYI about Schools Out Lagoona! She was re-released in the fall 2012 in a case assortment with Venus, Robecca, and Rochelle. Chances are if you're seeing Venus, Robecca and Rochelle you'll find SO Lagoona or the rereleased Wave 2 Abbey that shipped with that same assortment late in the summer. I've been seeing lots of the Abbey assortment at my local (SW Burbs Chicago) Targets in the past few months.


It could be old stock as another member said, or someone just returned it. And since the DPCI codes are pretty much the same for basics, School's Out, etc., I don't think there'd be a problem with returning those dolls - with or without a receipt. That would explain why there was only one.

I went to Target around 1-2 months ago and found basic Operetta.  I didn't have her and had never seen her on the shelves so I snatched her up.  I was thrilled!

Back at the end of January I walked in a Walmart and found Schools Out Frankie, Schools Out Clawdeen, CA Cupid, and Wave 1 Draculaura! There were several of each on the shelf....looked like several cases worth. I scooped up a of each plus a few for trades. I wish I would've grabbed an extra Cupid though.....I only bought one of those.

A couple of months ago, I found one basic Operetta at Walmart.  I was surprised as all get out to see her.  Since I already have her, I left her for someone else.


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