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As you may or may not have noticed, the Monster High Fearbook is back up again on their website. On the main page, there's a "Cast your vote" ballot box, and to my surprise, there was a "Should Clawd and Draculaura hook up?" question. I nearly had a heart attack-- 25% said no, 75% said yes. I don't know about you, but I'm logging on every day to vote "no". I encourage those who are pro HUla/JUla to do the same, or at least those who think the ClawdXLala pairing was a poor choice. 

While it's true ClawdxLala are techincally official with the release of the two-pack, I say we make Mattel eat their stupid ideas! viva la revolucion!


And hey, if you like the pairing, good on ya. Be content in the fact that your pairing is real. But maybe do the rest of us a favor and don't vote. Let us have this one last victory.

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Also.... I never really got why it's so important to have your 'Ship' confirmed by the Canon. Maybe that's because I mostly ship male/male, something you KNOW they'll probably never make in-canon, but still.... if you like a ship, just enjoy it. (Why hello thar, Jason/Musa.)

I would totally boycott.....If I weren't so weak when it comes to these dolls.....I'm probably gonna buy the two pack if they never come out with a better looking Clawd........But yeah, I hate people making Ula out as a slut for having more than one guy, even if I ignore the fact she does. And as for being canon, well I have more than one pairing I like with the same characters in different combinations......^^; Crack can be fun, except when it feels forced,  at least to me..................

Heh, I think Monster High's Ironic in that regard. Draculaura, the sweet one, has had the most boyfriends/crushes, while Clawdeen, the feisty one who has 'Flirting' as her favorite activity, is still single, and didn't have a crush YET (In my headcanon, she's lusting for Cleo, hence the whole animosity).


I'm not going for the two-pack, myself, but that's more because Clawd doesn't do it for me and Draculaura looks like she's wearing a circus-tent.

Oh yeah, that is rather strange, though not entierly surprising. Sometimes it seems that the webisodes and dolls are completely different cannons. Then again, we never see Clawdeen actually she could be, but off screen. *shrug*


If Clawd doesn't get improved, I'll probably buy the pack and give him better hair and get rid of some'a his outfit that I don't like.....As for Ula, I don't exactly love her dress but she still looks cute to me.....And I want that umbrella. XD

For some reason . . i like the clawd x ula pair. I think its an interesting matchup because its clawdeen's brother and there best friends and stuff. Also, i honestly dont know who would be a better guy. :/ 
Why? 'Cause they know each other for a long time? Research indicate that that's BAD for a romantic relationship. If they really knew each other that long and that well, they'd feel like they were brother and sister. To such a point that a romantic relationship would probably feel squicky.
How is she hogging them by having crushes on them? Honestly? I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure that by having a crush on a guy doesn't make the guy un-date-able. especially once she's moved on.

jamila tejada said:
i know right . she has wayyy to many cruhes . what i woud like to say to her is "STICK TO ONE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE HOGGING THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!"(sorry to all lala fans!)

The Reaperess said:
I dont see them as a irks me..Dracy is sweet girl but she has to many crushes I hate how MH whores her out..turefully..Make special new one just for her
It's probably the same mindset that calls every girl who has more then one boyfriend during high-school a dirty skank-ho. Because we ALL know that people find their soulmates at High School. *Rolls eyes*
When you get the dolls, you can allways not pair them up together. Once Jackson comes out, you can pair Draculaura with him, wichever couple works best for you.

Sex crazed? Having crushes makes her SEX crazed now? And having her have multiple boyfriends is Mattel 'whoring her out'? Jesus. I never had any crushes during High School (too busy with other stuff), but this..... I have enough common sense to see that these comments have NONE.


First of all, when most people have their first crushes, their minds aren't on SEX! We're talking fifteen/sixteen year olds in a family-safe fantasy environment. Holding hands and pecks on the cheeks probably the farthest they'll take this. Second, and I repeat: having multiple boyfriends, no matter what age you are, DOESN'T make you a whore! It makes you flighty and perhaps a bit whimsical, but NOT a whore. And Mattel doesn't whore her out by giving her multiple possible boyfriends. That's how some girls ARE at that age (And don't give me that 'She's much older' crap. Her mental age is OBVIOUSLY meant to be a teenager). That's what some girls DO in High School. It makes them no worse or less then other girls.




*Huff Huff*

Listen, I don't like Draculaura/Clawd, but I'm not sinking as low as calling Draculaura names because of this.

Hoo boy. Mass deleting of comments. I think I'll stop here before I take it too far..... but yeah. Reaperess, I stand by the fact that your (Deleted) comments were inappropriate and mean-spirited.
I actually liked them before it was official... I though the Jackson-Draculaura one was okay, but I didn't think he really fit her. 

Jack Herby said:

Yeah, Deuce and Cleo are beyond help, my friend. the man just gotta have his egyptian princess.

I don't think they're using the poll to check whether they should be a pairing or not. They are already promoting the pair, so it's a little unfair in that respect. I just want to use the poll to rub it in their faces. I mean, they really don't listen to fans, just what's going to be popular amongst their target audience, which is prepubescents who read Stephenie Meyer. Frustrating but understandable.

Not to mention, was ANYONE out there a fan of Clawd and Draculaura BEFORE they started their little webisode romance thing? The answer would be ah-NO. That's because anyone with half a brain found that pairing to be annoyingly cliche, because we've had enough of the werewolf/vampire romance sap. and, oh yeah, DRACULAURA WAS WITH JACKSON. (or Heath?) but God forbid we do something original!

Now my two favorite characters have been completely ruined. So far in the webisodes, Lala, is chasing after anything that moves, and the coolest potential male character out there has been stereotyped beyond recognition. /rage


I love the dolls, I do. but seriously, the storyline that originally made them extra charming has become something frustrating. My reaction might be a little over the top, but I couldn't give a bat's ass. I fight about what's important to me.

I don't think this is true (in fact, this tends to bother me a lot in itself). Thus why there's Childhood and High School sweethearts and they can end up together. My parents knew eachother in the first year of HS and got married. My grandparents on both sides also knew eachother very long. And I've known my boyfriend since I was about 12. I've found it's usually good, especially if you're old fashioned as then they already know what to expect.

P-girl said:
Why? 'Cause they know each other for a long time? Research indicate that that's BAD for a romantic relationship. If they really knew each other that long and that well, they'd feel like they were brother and sister. To such a point that a romantic relationship would probably feel squicky.


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