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Mars Mcflytrap, again.


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WOW, she looks pretty fantastic! I can't wait to see her in person to make my final judgement, I'm such a sucker for black/white/red colour schemes

Oh she's a lot prettier than I thought actually. I wasn't sold when I saw the "in box" image but seeing the detail of her dress and that facinator??? oooo yesss.

The glove hand just looks plain weird, but other than that she looks great! I want to read that diary too :D

Oh my god she's beautiful. Another Operetta to add to my collection! I can't wait to start finding her :D

Did I say that I was cutting back on buying dolls this season?  I think that this gal may make me go back on that...

Best. Operetta. Ever. I'm so angry she's a walmart exclusive! 

She is FANGTASTIC :-) BOOtiful!

Simply stunning! What a beauty!

Simply gorgeous! Love the hat with the veil, great detail! And I really appreciate her black and white gloves, and her hairstyle is fantastic! She is a must-have!

*Please God let the manufactured doll look more like this and less like the one at NYCC*

*Not holding my breath*

In any case, she looks ridiculously amazing.

I can easily see her reach the Top 5 for the list of the Top 10 best dolls for 2014, if she actually looks like this. She's breathtaking.

She's boo-tiful!

(someone hurt me)


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