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I was looking at my dolls last night and realized that, of the dolls that I have multiple versions of, some I like better than others.  I thought that I would share my thoughts and you could share yours!

Clawdeen - I like the Dead Tired Clawdeen best (wave 1) out of all the Clawdeens that I have (Sweet 1600, 2-Pack) mostly because of her hair and softer seeming features.

Draculaura - Forbitten Love set, mostly for hair (I have two of the Love set, one of Killer Style)

Frankie - Killer styles, as she was the first doll I owned, ever

Ghoulia - Phys Ed, for her hair entirely

Abbey - Skull Shores

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Frankie - Skull Shores (Colored Version)
Draculaura - Ghouls Rule
Clawdeen - Skull Shores
Lagoona - Dead Tired
Cleo - School's Out
Ghoulia - Scooter TRU Exclusive
Abbey - Skull Shores
Operetta- Basic
Man, I just realized how many of my favorites are Skull Shores :P


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