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I was looking at my dolls last night and realized that, of the dolls that I have multiple versions of, some I like better than others.  I thought that I would share my thoughts and you could share yours!

Clawdeen - I like the Dead Tired Clawdeen best (wave 1) out of all the Clawdeens that I have (Sweet 1600, 2-Pack) mostly because of her hair and softer seeming features.

Draculaura - Forbitten Love set, mostly for hair (I have two of the Love set, one of Killer Style)

Frankie - Killer styles, as she was the first doll I owned, ever

Ghoulia - Phys Ed, for her hair entirely

Abbey - Skull Shores

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When it comes to me and favorites, I prefer the basic dolls, no exceptions.

hmmm, DT Clawdeen is def my fave of all my Clawdeens (minus my custom one), Ula-d would be my Sweet 1600, Frankie- Sweet 1600, Ghoulia- DT, Operetta- original, Cleo would be S.O. :D

Lagoona - Mad Science (love her hair and she seems to have a softer face/look)

Draculaura - Gloom Beach (I love her hair down and the light pink for her lips instead of the usual dark lip color)

Frankie - SS (how her hair is cut) and DT (make up)

Clawdeen - DT and Wave2 (hair and make up)

Cleo - DT 

Ghoulia - Phys Ed (her hair)

I forgot  Lagoona- SS for sure :)

Other than the basics of course...

Frankie - Home Ick (love her bangs)

Lagoona - Skull Shores

Ghoulia - DOTD (but I really love them all)

Cleo - DT

Draculaura - Gloom Beach or Killer Style

Clawdeen - SO and the Coffin Bean doll

Frankie - basic
Draculaura - killer style (?)
Lagoona - schools out
Ghoulia - classroom
Cleo - dead tired
Clawdeen - dead tired 
Abbey - basic 
Spectra - dot dead gorgeous 
Operetta - dot dead gorgeous 

Frankie - Gloom Beach,There's something about her that's just gorgeous.

Draculaura - Skull Shores, the closed mouth is stunning.

Clawdeen - 2.0, her narrower eyes give her some serious attitude.

Ghoulia - First wave, she's awesome.

Abbey - First wave, with the original screening. She looks stern and I love it.

Lagoona - 2.0. Fishlips all the way baby! I love how inhuman her features are since that particular doll.

Cleo - DOTD. The short hair and dark lips look great on her. Plus her eyes are quite as "buggy" as first wave's eyes.

Clawd - Sweet 1600. He has better hair (no bald patches lol)

Deuce - DOTD. Those floppy snakes are adorable!

Jackson - A very tough call. I can't decide heh. If GB had glasses, they'd be equal in my eyes. Basic Jackson just edges forward because eee glasses! hahahah. I'm so shallow sometimes.

Still waiting to see alternate Operettas and Spectras "in the flesh" so to speak. I'm looking forward to DDG Spectra though.

Frankie- Home Ick
Clawdeen- Sweet 1600
Ghoulia- Dead Tired
Spectra- original but with her fashion pack
Draculaura- Snow Bite

Same here.

Jeremy Orlok said:

When it comes to me and favorites, I prefer the basic dolls, no exceptions.

Frankie - Basic or Skull Shores
Lala - Sweet 1600
Clawdeen - Dawn of the Dance
Lagoona - Mad Science (possibly roller maze)
Cleo - Gloom Beach (possibly skull shores)
Deuce - Dawn of the dance
Ghoulia - Gloom Beach
Spectra - Basic
Abbey - Basic or Skull Shores
Operetta - Most likely... Dot dead gorgeous

I TRY not to double-dip characters, but have some duplicates, so most of these are the only ones I own of the character.

Frankie - Dead Tired - her makeup is really nice against her skin tone, and love the bang & side ponytail, and her original basic / SDCC B&W

Clawdeen - Sweet1600 (everything, hair, outfit, makeup)

Cleo - I don't own a Cleo yet, but I'm looking forward to Ghouls Rule, she'll be my first

Draculaura - Skull Shores - something about her made me get her as my first, also like DOTD but never got her.

Lagoona - DOTD was my first, love the crazy hair (and it looks great rinsed out), but also just bought RM & DDG

Ghoulia - I own every Ghoulia, she's my favorite. I THINK my favorite is still DOTD, love her big poofy hair

Abbey - Basic is still my favorite, including upcoming releases

Spectra - Basic, but I just purchased the DDG and am looking forward to her. She's probably my favorite doll, in terms of her face sculpt, and color palette

Operetta - probably still basic, even tho i ordered DDG

Deuce - DOTD, love his outfit and side-snakes

Jackson - I only own Basic.

Claude - I don't own any, but i like his basic styling the best

I think that's all with the characters who have multiples. Even when I don't own a variation of a character, I still appreciate all their designs. the work that goes into them shows, I think thats what really makes MH stand out

Frankie - Black and White basic. I love me some classic monsters and this SDCC doll is truly gorgeous! I think it's the silver earrings. Roller Maze or Threaderella takes second place, but there's a special place in my heart for DotD.

Cleo - School's Out, with her basic as a close second, although I think I'm going to love her Skull Shores doll.

Ghoulia - Fearleading Squad. Love her straight up do and the fact that she's got a giant foam finger.

Draculaura - Basic. Love her! Skull Shores is adorable, but Ghoul's Rule is dramatic so they're tied for second place. The exclusive Draculaura that comes with the roadster might beat them all though if she has a killer outfit.

Clawdeen - I think Dead Tired 2 takes this one, but it's a hard decision. I really like her 1600 and School's Out. Least favorite? DotD. That was just horrible.

Lagoona - Can't really go wrong with anything, but I'm pretty sure Dot Dead Lagoona is going to win my heart when she arrives in the mail. I really dig her BOLD DotD hairstyle, but I wasn't a big fan of the makeup so second place goes to Basic.

Abbey - Dot Dead Gorgeous looks gorgeous! Second place goes to Skull Shores, surprisingly.


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