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Hi guys

I know everyone's all hyped up about Toy Fair at the moment, but it doesn't look like anyone has reported this yet - on Tumblr, I just saw a photo of someone with the supposed I Love Fashion (although it's not labelled as such) Venus in hand, apparently found in Mexico. Venus isn't one of my personal favourites, but this doll is pretty epic! You can find her by scrolling down Tumblr for Monster High with the Recent Posts filter set, or with the tag "venus mclytrap" (yes, missing the "f" - the tag is misspelled). And in case you're wondering, yes, she does come with that dress that has previously been posted on here, that people thought might be a DDG dress;)

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Wow! She looks amazing! I love the shorter hair with black streaks & a jagged-cut fringe! Very cool! I'm loving her fashions, too! I like the nod to her signature look & the checkered dress. I'm just curious about the shoes she's wearing. Are they a recast of her swim or ghoul spirit shoes or a completely new mold (the heels seem to be wedges)? I recognise the other pairs.

The box art is pretty fierce, too!

I don't care iff the other doll is Cleo or Wydowna. I'll take either of them! Although, it would be nice to get more ILF dolls every year, considering how many characters there are. And I'd like to see more ILS dolls, especially one for Ghoulia. She has some great kicks!

I'm curious about her in-box shoes too. The other two are obvious repaints of her Ghouls Night Out and Music Festival ones, but the only others Venus has had so far that are unique to her are Swin Class (I can't really see it being them, they're too beachy), her basic ones which appear to already be reused on the upcoming Coffin Bean doll, and her Ghoul Spirit shoes. Since the other Ghoul Spirit dolls didn't come with unique shoe moulds, my guess is that these ones are going to turn out to be the Ghoul Spirit shoes in black. Then agin, ILF Clawdeen came with a repaint of one of the werecat twins' shoes (I think?) so they could even come from another character entirely...

I guess we need to watch the internet closely for OOB pics.

She is cute, I love the shoes even if they are a repaint in black. Black goes with everything.

Venus and Cleo are Spring 2014 (current season), Wydowna is Fall 2014 (which makes sense with a July shipping date in their system)

SunStrker said:

I love Fashion Venus has been found in Mexico and Chile. I do not think she's supposed to be out yet, as she is supposed to be shipped with Wydowna who was confirmed at TRU Canada for shipping in July.

Cleo is not confirmed yet, right?

I've been wanting to choose a doll to get all of..I know a lot of people do this..and I was aboaut to choose operetta..but decided I'm just a bit too far behind for her. However..VENUS. I love everything about venus..and her style is my favorite! I think I just found my 'collect all of'..i mean look at those clothes!!

This Venus looks aweeeeesome! FINALLY she gets the "edge" she deserves, and looks darn great in the process. Now all that's left is giving her some more personality apart from the "Save the environment!" preaching and she's all set ^^

As a Canadian, we the get international boxes that have the 4 languages on them. That is a Canada Box, but she has also been found in Mexico and Chile. Mattel Canada only handles us Canadian's, it does not handout dolls from there. I live 1 hour and 45 mins from Mattel Canada's office in Mississauga, there is no warehouse either. South America has it's own head office as well. But the dolls come out from Asia not from the head offices.

Simply gorgeous!!!

She's gorgeous! Love her hairstyle & the black ceckered flocking is really cool! I'm looking forward to adding this doll to my collection! I hope they show up in the U.S. soon & on TRU's website.

Edit; Yay for new shoe molds!

I'm kind of tempted to get her and dress her in the DDG outfit with her new boots now that we have these new images. I just wish Zombie Shake Rochelle wasn't with a Venus so I could feel more justified purchasing her. I guess I can always hope for a nice sale which I plenty of for the last way of I <3 Fashion.

I like the dress. Not the face. Or her main outfit. Actually, I only like the dress. :(


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