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These really look like garbage. Basic, visible stitching on the single fabric skirts.. Recasts galore. That's the third time I have seen those draculaura shoes, and really? A sweet screams purse recast? ugh.

Ahhh! I will definitely be buying the doll suspender skirt pack. As for the others I probably will not buy them...too meh. I'll consider Lagoona's though.
I kinda like the Cleo dresses though... ahem.

Recycled fabrics I don't mind actually, it'll be fun to mix and match them with their matching pieces.

and there's popcorn shoes. POPCORN SHOES people!

The only one I like is Spectra's dress. even if all the accessories are recycled from previous versions.

I'm just curious how these will work since the trend seems to be more and more molded on clothes. I'm not trying to be snarky or anything and I know there are some dolls that don't have molded clothes but it seems the dolls will all end up as super budget, molded clothes horrors. Seems like a waste.

ETA: Have we figured out if these will fit the old dolls?

A sound point, given the prevalance of moulded on clothing you can't change, fashion packs NOW seem a bit... pointless. Mattel don't seem to really know what the hell they're doing. It's depressing.

actually looking at reviews, the new bodies don't just have a thicker torso, they also have eah legs. So eah tights will fit, but backward compatability you'll get gaping baggy tights. Also one of my friends said they couldn't get first wave Cleo's bandaged jumpsuit over the hips of the new dolls. So I think it's gonna be like the new Bratz. SOME stuff will fit and the odd thing won't, which is gonna be a bit annoying.

Dresses should fit fit. Tops and pants probably will unless they're really tight or non stretchy. But stuff with no stretch that's skin tight on g1 dolls may not go over hips and some skin tight on g2 stuff may gape on g1. It'll be much like the new bratz vs old bratz, all hit and miss.

Very odd decision given the change is SO slight.

Wow some of look awesome and I will be keen on getting some of them, I wonder if that dress is for Ari or Spectra?

it doesn't matter if it can fit both though, because you can put it on any.

some of them especially Cleo's look a lot like outfits from previous g1 lines, like Cleo's IHF dresses, and there are others similar too but it doesn't matter a great deal people who liked the outfits but didn't like the doll can get them, or couldn't find the doll and liked the outfits can get them.

the accessories are so cute and cool I like the popcorn shoes they are cute.

I hope they are not going to be too expensive but we will have to wait and see.



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