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Basic minidress after basic minidress. 

Come on, Mattel. You can do better than this.

mm asi I expected, they look a lot like Barbie fashion packs. Just plain simple dresses.

Really pretty uninspired.

Some of them are okay and should accessorize nicely but it's disappointing that after all this time we get such bland and uninteresting fashion packs.

So.. what is this rumour about the bodies being different? Different how? I admit, I hadn't noticed in the photos we've seen but I wasn't really looking because I didn't anticipate they'd do that, why go to that expense you know?

Oh no im having Bratz flasbacks...i use to be a HUGE Bratz collector and they went down the crapper when they started to recycle was terrible & i never thought Mattel would copy MGA and it sux cuz im watching MH go down the same path...

i saw a mention of monster high fashion packs a few months ago on another forum but it mentioned accessories like a stereo

won't be buying the reboot dolls but will buy these if they fit the original dolls and i hope they arn't £10 a pop cos there is loads of them.

the second image looks like there from a create a monster pack not too interested in that one.but the rest i love.

wow they're very... basic. Bit sad to see but Meh, they might look better on the dolls than in this photo. My guess is that they are keeping them basic to give kids more thought to mix and match clothing compared to older dolls where all clothes are very monster specific. While these are still sort of monster specific you could see some of the outfits being worn on any character.

I like the one for Spectra, the dress with one sleeve. But it's nothing awesome.

I like bits and pieces of these... more shoes are always needed and the solid color pants always come in handly. Its sad how much stuff is being recycled though...

I don't like that fact they are bringing in so much color now, it doesn't look too good. Like it looks like there is a main color then a second color? Like draculaura has pink and blue, clawden is purple and green, cleo yellow and red etc. Too bright ugh.

Those are not the best fashion packs they've come up with so far but it's better than nothing, I guess.


So. Much. Recycling.

Okay, I'll admit the pack with the suspenders on the skirt is quite nice, but the amount of recycling is just gratuitous. It's not even good recycling - none of the shoes have any painted detail, and I don't know what the heck they were thinking turning Cupid's shoes blue and giving them to Draculaura. And why so many minidresses? Is that all the ghouls' nearest mall sells?

Still, it's nice to see the 3D glasses and the Brain Puffs again. 


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