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This is my 1st MH OC, sooo excited.

Oh and her eyes are on the wrong side in the 1st pic. 


Fara Boogs

Daughter of The Boogie Man

Age: 16 years old

Killer Style: I prefer shadowy tight clothes that I can move freely in through any obstacle.

Freaky Flaw: Sometimes the sun hurts my eyes because I’m not used to being out during the day. I also blend into the shadows by mistake.

Favorite Color: Would it be conceited if I said blue?

Favorite Food: Power and Energy bars. Good to fuel up while on the go.

Biggest Pet Peeve: I-I can’t tell you that! It’s….related to a secret.

Favorite Activity: Hanging out at the beach at night. It’s just me and the night, with nothing to be afraid of, and all the time in the world.

Pet: My twin assistant Octolings, Jem and Eye. They help me all the time, from being my heels to pinning down my victims.

Friends: None yet, but a ghoul can dream.

Favorite School Subject: That’s astronomy! I feel really in tune with the night and I love that if I ever get lot the stars can guide me home.

Least Favorite School Subject: That would be Public Screeching. I get so flustered taking in front of others and telling them my opinions.


Back Story: Fara is the only child to the Boogie Man. She’s been nocturnal and home schooled her whole life till now. Her dad thought Monster High would be better for her daughter socially and academically. (He’s not too great at math) But starting public school this late means Fara has little to no social skills.

Fara has a part time job spooking kids for her dad. Her left eye’s pupil is caved in and gives her Fear Vision meaning she can see people’s deepest fears. But because that can get annoying when walking down a hall, she keeps it covered by her hair. Her hair has a nose at the end that she can use to lasso any children who try to escape her. Her Twin Octolings (like an Octopus who can change it’s tentacles and such…. It’s made up) usually spend the day as accessories but during her job they help her pin kids down, give them the feeling someone’s poking them, blindfolding them and so on. Because of her job, her first instinct when she sees a kid is SCARE EM’!

Because Fara is a loner, she does a lot of solo activities. She mountain climbs, free runs, and so on. It helps her keep active and fit for her job.

Future Stuff : I’m working on a fan-fic or comic for her about her secret. See, Fara is a Boogie Girl who hides under beds and in closets, but she’s in the closet more ways than one. Fara is attracted to girls (bi or lesbian is unknown) and keeps it to herself. Her 1st crush is on Cleo of all people! It’s completely one-sided. Later on, thanks to her Fear Vision, Fara see’s that Cleo’s deepest fear is losing Duce. Realizing Cleo belongs to him, Fara gives up her secret dream and hopes to find love in someone else. 


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Thanks, lol my post never stood a chance!
♣♦♥☺☻☼FrankieSpectraLuver1☺☻☼♥♦♣ said:

Pretty pictures. By the way, nice OC!

You have been wooshed! Woosh!


Not the right colors (still working on it) but a fun watercolor of Fara, the girl of your nightmares. Her mouth is stitched here because sometimes she hurts/rips her mouth doing a bone chilling scream for her job.


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