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Since Monster high is so popular, there are obviously going to be copycat dolls. Let us know where you've seen them, the faker the better haha.

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Click through the pics...these are just soooo bad:

Something I like about some of these fakies is that if their face resembles a genuine MH Ghoul really well, but one with like pictured, Frankie's screen/mould but white skin, different makeup etc, if you re-root them and re-body them they could be quite cute. That's very very rare though, to find one with a good cute face that's not super cheap


but it gives me an idea for Monster Toddlers, if I bought a pack and gave them better faceups... maybe... XD

@MadBoyCreator The green haired Deuce in the second link isn't bad but it's the caption on the right side of the box that got me " I was a cute girl" Wtf?! I love the idea of toddler monster high dolls! They could be baby doll sized with plastic heads, synthetic hair & soft bodies, and could be targeted towards the kids that are a little to young for a proper MH doll.


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